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Traveling abroad as a vegan may be a little challenging – there are places that still don’t exactly understand what the choice to be vegan means, and what the difference is between veganism and vegetarianism. Moreover, when you travel to a place, part of the experience is of course the food and its culinary culture and the places where you can eat and learn about dishes News. Therefore, it can be a bit disappointing to find yourself without good, tasty, healthy and light options to eat. Luckily, Berlin is an amazing destination for vegans, and its culinary experience, from cafes to restaurants and supermarkets, provides particularly good vegan options.

Berlin is known as the vegan capital of Europe and one of the best cities to visit as a vegan. About three million people live in Berlin, of which about one hundred thousand (!!!) are vegans. Besides restaurants, there are hotels in Berlin on the purity of veganism, clothing stores without items made from animals, dating nights for vegans, “meat” stores where everything sold does not include meat, strictly vegan bars) and much more. Let’s get to know the best of them.

המדריך לטבעוני בברלין

Vegan cafes in Berlin – light and fun breakfasts

Brammibal’s Donuts

One of the most loved vegan cafes in Berlin. The menu is rich and includes waffles, french toasts, sandwiches of all kinds, smoothies and everything you need for breakfast. The highlight of the place is the especially good donuts. There is a particularly rich variety that starts with the classic flavors and ends with special combinations, for example strawberry and basil, cheesecake and strawberry, red apple crumble and other flavors that change.

The breakfasts can include corruption dishes alongside refreshing and stimulating dishes. In the cafe you will usually find a relatively large amount of people, proof of the quality of the place and the sympathy for it. The prices are also fair, just keep in mind that if you arrive too late, dishes on the menu start to run out…

There are various branches of the place throughout Berlin. The list of branches is here.

Mindful Life – YogaCafé

This special cafe also offers yoga classes for fans of the genre. Next to the studio is the cafe, which is mostly vegan but also offers vegetarian dishes. On the menu you can find different breakfasts, whether smoothie bowls with fruit, granola, chia, nuts or refreshing and healthy mini sweets.

On the menu you can also find savory dishes such as various refreshing sandwiches that include fresh leaves, various bowls of quinoa, various vegetables, nuts, sauces alongside slightly heavier dishes, soups and vegan dishes that change from time to time. Besides these there is a relatively large selection of different cakes and cookies and on weekends special dishes are served such as vegan pancakes.

Address – Gleimstraße 40

Cafe Vux

A charming cafe where one of the recommended things is the indulgent brunches served every Sunday until three o’clock in the afternoon. The meal is served in an all-you-can-eat style, and you can enjoy new options alongside familiar classics, salads, spreads, pastries and desserts.

The menu is very varied and can both satisfy the really hungry and close a corner for those whose stomachs are just a little rumbling. You should try the cakes and cookies that are served. The place is characterized by a young atmosphere, fun and semi-hipster music.

Address – Wipperstr 14, at Kirchhofstrasse

Pele Mele

Another cafe with a varied and fun menu that includes, among other things, sandwiches, soups, salads. Most products are made from organic raw materials. The pastries (baked on site) are especially recommended, and especially the vegan croissant made from spelled flour (!!!) so it’s even healthier than usual. Every first Friday of the month there is a buffet dinner with live music (starting at 19:30).

Address – Innstrasse 26

Lunches – from stylish to light

From the breakfasts, how can we not, we will move on to the lunches. Here too – the options are very diverse and naturally include all types of cuisines. It should be remembered that there are also many restaurants that have excellent vegan options if you are visiting with partners who are not (yet) vegan.

Cookies Cream

A super trendy restaurant that includes excellent food served at a high level and with aesthetic refinement. The restaurant itself is vegetarian but includes many vegan options. The menu changes, and there are many recommendations from the chef on what to eat, how to combine the different dishes and of course preferred options of wines or non-alcoholic drinks, it is very worthwhile to combine some of the special cocktails that the place offers with the meal. Among the dishes you can find poetic names alongside simpler ones. Note that the restaurant is considered a bit expensive, although it is possible (and desirable) to order combinations of several small dishes that make up a large and satisfying meal.

Address – Behrenstr 55 (note that it’s a bit difficult to navigate to the restaurant itself, on the way you have to pass through an alley, stairs that some people will think are hidden – in short, if you brag too much, it’s perfectly legitimate to ask for help!)

Chay Viet

A Vietnamese restaurant that is defined as vegetarian even though almost all the dishes are vegan. The restaurant is very well known and loved, and accordingly the dishes are great and relatively large. For those who come with an open mind to different tastes, it is very worthwhile to ask for recommendations from the wait staff who know how to guide in addition to all the different recommendations found on the menu. Although the service is a bit slow and sometimes requires patience – the experience is worth it. The tofu dishes are especially recommended.

Address – Brunnenstraße 164


An African-Italian restaurant (yes, there is such a combination!!!) therefore on the menu you can find African dishes such as the Nigerian jollof to step vegan lasagna and spaghetti in different sauces, classic and less classic. The dishes are colorful and include many textures in your mouth, which is always fun.

The twist of the place is a very comfortable reading space that is a kind of lounge and is in the heart of the restaurant. Another bonus is that the restaurant tries to have a zero waste policy, and all the ingredients are organic, the staff is kind and welcoming.

Address – Zelter Str 6

Feel Seoul Good

A relatively new vegan restaurant that presents dishes from Korean and Japanese cuisine. On the menu you can see more classic Korean dishes, soups, dumplings, Korean pancakes and kimchi. The dishes are aesthetic, relatively large and very tasty. It is especially worth trying the vegan ramen and of course the kimchi. The design of the restaurant is fun and includes low benches for sitting and dark colors that add to the experience of the food itself.

Address – Husemannstr 2

vegan berlin

Fast food – from munch to munch

From meals of dishes that require sitting in a restaurant and time we will move to another genre – just as delicious, usually eaten at less conventional hours and including flavors that sometimes make us regret eating it, but then we actually remember how delicious it was – fast vegan food, one that can be a great substitute for any Non-vegan munch.

Döner kebabs

If you miss Israel too much and decide you want a kebab, or its German version – Döner kebabs is the perfect place for you. Of course, the classic dish of kebab also undergoes a change when all the ingredients are organic, the sauces are prepared on the spot, the food is fast and it is a fun option for a lunch or a heavy and inexplicable night meal.

Address – Boxhagenerstrasse 56

Yoyo Foodworld

A restaurant that offers a relatively large variety of fast food – hamburgers, pizzas, wraps and desserts at particularly attractive prices. The food, as expected from fast, fatty food, is served quickly and comes with a variety of delicious and surprising sauces (such as avocado mayonnaise). The place also provides well-deserved options for chips, ones that are not always easy to find in Berlin and provide exactly what is needed.

The restaurant itself also screams veganism and is full of signs with pictures that promote veganism and everything that is required of a respectable vegan establishment. The dishes are known for being extremely cheap, and the restaurant is one of the most famous when it comes to fast vegan food in Berlin and has been around for a relatively long time in the scene.

Address – Gaertnerstr 27


A super cool restaurant that serves fast food with a healthy twist. The menu includes hamburgers, soups, salads, dips and pizza. One of the special things about the restaurant is that all the food is suitable for vegans who eat raw food and of course 100% vegan.

Another thing that sets this restaurant apart from other fast food restaurants is the plates – the dishes include a wide range of colors, textures and are still minimalistically designed. The atmosphere in the restaurant is calm and inviting to sit, here too, in contrast to the atmosphere that is sometimes created in fast food restaurants.

Address – Danziger Str. 16


This time it is a combination of a restaurant and a kind of delicatessen. The place specializes in Indian food, most of the dishes are vegetarian and vegan. There is a large variety of Indian dishes, Indian drinks, light salads and other healthy and nutritious options. Unless you really want to, it’s better not to arrive at peak time (12:30-13:30) because the wait is relatively long. The prices are considered affordable in relation to the size of the portions you receive.

Address – Oranienstraße, Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Recommended supermarkets – a picnic or a romantic evening in the apartment

There are also supermarkets and shops in Berlin where you can buy good vegan and organic ingredients. It’s fun to have picnics in the various gardens and parks in Berlin and it’s a good option even if you’re interested in a pleasant evening in the apartment with cooking. In general, there are reasonable options even in the usual supermarkets, but in these chains the variety is particularly large.


A charming chain of completely vegan supermarkets with a high ecological awareness. The chain’s brand includes about one hundred and sixty products that it developed itself, and the options are very diverse, from sweets, various substitutes (meat substitutes, chicken substitutes and egg substitutes for example) to products that many of us are not familiar with, such as a vegan shrimp substitute. In addition to the large variety of products, there is also the option of buying ready-made food.

Denn’s Biomarkt

An organic grocery that includes many gluten-free, organic and vegan products. There are many options of things that you will not necessarily find in normal supermarkets in Berlin such as cocoa chocolate syrup and agave. There is a relatively wide variety of nutritious gluten-free breads at good prices. There is also a small cafe on site.

So what have we had so far?
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