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Germany is considered one of the most popular destinations among tourists from all over the world, including tourists from Israel and as such is visited every year by tens of millions of visitors – families with small children, loving couples, backpackers and groups of all ages. One of the things that makes a vacation in Germany so successful is the fact that it is a country that offers a great abundance of tourist centers, events and attractions that will be enjoyed by young and old, and the great diversity makes it a great destination for any type of vacation.

In terms of getting around, you will find that Germany offers quite a few convenient and accessible options that you can adapt to the nature of your preferred vacation, the areas you want to visit and, of course, the budget you want to dedicate to this part of the trip – whether it is using the efficient public transportation system that connects large areas of the country, using taxis or Private shuttles for short trips or car rental that will allow you to move around flexibly and get anywhere you want.

In addition, this is a country that is not far from Israel by flight, and in recent years several companies offering low-cost flights have entered some of its main airports, so that you can find flights at a wide variety of prices – flights with a connection that can be combined with a trip to another destination in Europe, and quite a few direct flights .

And as for accommodation – this is also an incredibly comfortable country where you can find a place to stay in any budget you can think of. Backpackers will be able to find quite a few free options in the “sofa surfing” category (freely translated) or apartment exchanges, and in terms of paid options the variety is great and the sky is the limit – from travelers’ hostels with shared hotel rooms to luxury hotels suitable for those who want to enjoy a particularly pampering vacation.

Are you convinced? We thought so. Now you can start.

חופשה בגרמניה

Germany for families (a route that is also suitable for a trip with small children)

There are many wonderful areas in Germany for a trip, each of which has its advantages, but without a shadow of a doubt the perfect place for a family vacation is the Black Destination area and indeed during a trip in this area you will meet many families who enjoy the many fascinating sites, hiking itineraries with spectacular views and of course quite a few options Culinaries that are also suitable for those who consider themselves problematic with food (or in simple words – children).

However, before giving you details on a recommended route, we cannot ignore the complex history of Germany and especially the one that is intertwined with the history of the Jewish people. Therefore, before your visit to Germany, wherever you choose to travel, we strongly recommend coordinating expectations and telling the children (according to their level of understanding of course) a little about this history and its importance to the heritage of both countries.

During a trip to the Black Forest region, you can enjoy all the best that Germany has to offer – a wonderful combination of magical landscapes, clear lakes and spectacular waterfalls, picturesque towns that will allow you to get to know the real and authentic Germany, as well as easy hiking trails – all of which are accompanied by local folklore that tells about witches, wolves and dwarfs who It will give the trip a mysterious atmosphere that the children will love.

Among the most recommended places for a trip during this route, you will find Baden-Baden – a beautiful town that lies on the banks of the Haus River. The scoop about this town is that there are flights that depart from Ovad and arrive directly there for a really funny price (with a little luck you will find flights for 15 dollars per person). In Baden you can enjoy a tour of the old city, a visit to an ancient Roman spa, magnificent churches and many hiking trails through the colorful alleys.

Europa Park will be another point worth including in your itinerary – the largest amusement park in Germany and one of the most popular in Europe (occupying the second honorable place, after EuroDisney Park). In this park there are roller coasters for adults and children and many more facilities, including those suitable for the smallest.

If you are into folklore and children’s stories, it is recommended to visit the route called “The Witch’s Hole” – the name of a spectacular and mysterious road that runs through what looks like a fairy tale forest with tangled trees, streams and ferns leading to the witch’s house, aka an old wooden structure with a water mill next to it. In this building you will find a nice restaurant where you can stop for lunch and a souvenir shop with wooden dolls and cuckoo clocks.

As for the cuckoo clocks, this is one of the iconic symbols of the Black Forest where there are many workshops that preserve the ancient and special tradition of creating cuckoo clocks, so if you are looking for an original souvenir to buy for yourself or your loved ones – without a doubt this is the most successful and original souvenir you can bring with you.

Germany for lovers

A difficult decision. There are so many romantic destinations in Germany that it is difficult to choose just one, but if you were forced to choose, the capital city of Berlin would probably be the wisest choice – it is easy to get to, has luxurious hotels alongside simple hotels in historic locations, great restaurants, vibrant nightlife, Shopping centers, museums and above all a great atmosphere.

But first of all, a bit of history, because if you are already traveling abroad you should do it properly. Fortunately in Berlin you will find quite a few historical sites and fascinating museums such as the Jewish Museum and the Anne Frank Museum (not to be confused with the one in Amsterdam), but if you don’t want To “cloud” the atmosphere, we recommend focusing specifically on places like the Berlin Wall, which became the historical symbol of one of Germany’s dark and difficult periods, but also a colorful symbol of hope and unity, and “Check Point Charlie” – the transit station that separated the western and eastern parts of Berlin during the Cold War.

By night you will find that Berlin, AR may be somewhat gray in the eyes of many, becomes lively and colorful, with a varied and happy nightlife scene which some consider to be the best entertainment scene in Europe and without a doubt among the most special and prominent in the world – with clubs of all kinds, parties until the wee hours The little things of the night, particularly tasty street stalls and excellent pubs.

Among the most recommended places for a couple’s visit during these hours you will find the famous jazz club which also hosts cabaret shows Jazzclub Cabaret Kunstfabrik Scholt, the Watergate dance club which is located right on the banks of the river and the colorful district Friedrichshain where there are pleasant walking routes interspersed with cafes, clubs, boutique shops and restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants – you will surely be hungry from time to time. Well, excellent restaurants will not be difficult to find, but a great experience not to be missed is actually a picnic in the park. In this context, the urban parks of Berlin will be a successful place for a picnic in nature, with green landscapes, blue lakes and sweet squirrels running around in search of something to nibble on.

The most recommended park to visit is of course Tiergarten Park. In addition to being an excellent place for a picnic, you can combine your visit with one of the magical itineraries that pass through it, an observation of one of the lakes in its area and a visit to the House of Cultures where you can admire statues of key figures in the local history of Germani.

And we will not ignore the possibility that you will not want to leave the walls of the hotel because after all – a romantic vacation… In this case we recommend you choose a hotel in an excellent location and with pampering facilities, such as TITANIC Chaussee Berlin – a pampering 4-star hotel; Bayerischer Hof – a 5-star hotel with a Michelin restaurant; Or if you want to enjoy a hotel with a slightly more comfortable budget and a short walk from the Berlin Wall, go for Schulz Hotel Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery – a 3-star hotel that does the job.

Ski holiday in Germany

Here we really melt, literally. Not only is Germany a wonderful destination for a vacation in any vehicle and in almost any budget, it is also great for a trip in any season and even a winter trip can become really successful there, if you combine it with some adventure sports such as skiing on the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, known as a desirable destination for an enjoyable ski vacation.

If in the past Germany was considered a destination for only experienced skiers, in recent years many ski slopes have been opened that make the vacation enjoyable even for amateurs and beginners, including those who prefer to snowboard at all or enjoy the challenging sport of mountain climbing (in snow, of course).

The Bavarian Alps region is only one of the extensive ski areas that you can find in Germany, but it has a good number of ski resorts, such as Garmisch – one of the most highly regarded sites in Germany with a wide and excellent range of skiing routes, including routes for beginners, excellent hotels, restaurants and tourist sites Various.

Another site worth considering to stay at is Oberstdorf which is open even at the very end of the surfing season (May) and in addition to the many slopes it offers other attractions such as a national park that offers breathtaking views, great restaurants and hotels that are also suitable for family stays.

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