Day trips in the Frankfurt area

If you are traveling in Frankfurt, you are sure to enjoy the abundance of attractions that are almost endless. Still, it’s very worthwhile to rent a car and get out of the city a bit, to discover quite a few must-see sites that are within a (relatively) short driving distance from it and are definitely worth your time: picturesque towns, big cities, national parks and great places to spend a few hours or more, between Whether as part of a guided trip or independently.

Here is a partial list, but a carefully selected one:

Baden Baden
The theater in the town of Baden Baden

Baden-Baden – a little more than an hour and a half away by private car, you reach a charming spa town, which is suitable for lovers of various pampering. The town of Baden Baden, located south of Frankfurt, is a suitable destination for a day trip or as an additional place to visit when in the area. You can come for a few hours or stay there for a few days to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. The city was very popular back in Roman times, so many were able to enjoy its famous spa treatments. Its thermal springs can be seen at almost every point in the city and it is possible, while staying there, to have a pleasant time and combine quite a few pleasant treats. The town also has special boutique shops, art galleries, cafes and other tourist attractions.

Heidelberg – in less than an hour’s drive you reach a charming romantic city. The city of Heidelberg is an ancient city, which is located south of Frankfurt and attracts many visitors. It is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, a city with impressive architectural buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Unlike many other cities in Europe, Heidelberg was not damaged during the Second World War and this is its great luck, or more precisely – the luck of its ancient and beautiful buildings. The city is known, among other things, for its warm and pleasant climate, which makes it a suitable destination to visit throughout the year. It is an accessible city and very easy to find your way around, and you can spend hours wandering its various streets on foot. Cafes, restaurants, galleries and also beautiful shops, all this alongside a pleasant atmosphere, together make it a city worth stopping in for a short or long visit.

The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) – although it is more than three hours away from Frankfurt, it is definitely worth a visit. Many devote a few days to it at least due to the multitude of attractions it offers and the special points of interest worth stopping at. The Black Forest, which is located south of Frankfurt, brings nature and beauty to the forefront. It includes a huge area of ​​160 km in length, 30 km in width in the north and 60 km in width in the south and is among the largest national parks in Germany. The Rhine, the city of Colmar, the island of flowers and much more. It attracts travelers of all ages and styles, but especially families with children.

Strasbourg, France (Strasbourg) – the beautiful city of Strasbourg is located south of Frankfurt and at a driving distance of two and a half hours. It is the capital of the Alsace region in France and is known as an elegant and cosmopolitan city. Its Gothic cathedral is considered one of the most unique in Europe, and it is surrounded by an old quarter of narrow streets and impressive architectural buildings. The historic center of Strasbourg, also known as “La Petite France”, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful points of interest in the city itself. There are good restaurants in the city, serving great local cuisine. and a pleasant atmosphere that is not to be missed. You can take a day trip to the city from Frankfurt or dedicate a few days to it.

Koblenz – a little more than an hour’s drive from Frankfurt, you arrive at a charming city, located at the meeting points of the two rivers, the Rhine and the Mosel. It is very worthwhile to dedicate at least two or three hours to Koblenz, if only to experience a little of what it has to offer. The State Museum of Koblenz is one of the most talked about attractions in the city, home to many interesting displays and historical collections. The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which dominates the right bank of the Rhine and is accessible to visitors by cable car, is another attraction that is highly recommended to stop at, as well as the various museums in the city.

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