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Planning a trip to Germany includes reference to many parameters: the flight with which we will reach the destination, the stopping points and attractions we will include in the trip, the places we will eat, the views we will see along the way and of course the equipment we will take with us, including the multitude of clothes and items – small and large. One of the most important parameters to take into account and in addition to everything else, is the matter of insurance. Travel insurance to Germany is offered by many insurance companies and also by quite a few agencies, which market policies, which differ from each other in the existing coverages. Although the insurance is not mandatory according to the law, it is definitely a warm recommendation, both for those who go to Germany as part of a weekend or a short vacation, and for those who plan a longer visit there and perhaps also a combination of other destinations, outside of it.

travel insurance to germany

Fully adjusted insurance

We all have health insurance. Some of us also have private health insurance. These insurances offer us the relevant coverages while we are staying in Israel, but they are not valid when we are abroad, and it doesn’t matter for what period of time or what the destination is. Travel insurance abroad, including the one offered to those going to Germany, provides a wide variety of coverages: both medical and others. It is possible to include luggage insurance, which is especially suitable in cases where you are equipped with valuable and very important equipment, such as a good professional camera, laptop, mountain or road bike, surfboard and other equipment, as well as flight insurance in case of cancellations or postponements. It will be possible to exercise the insurance in cases of theft or damage caused to the equipment, when this must be accompanied by a certificate from the local police of Germany, according to the destination where the incident occurred. The medical insurance, included in the travel insurance, is the most important. This insurance includes insurance coverage designed for both healthy people and those suffering from chronic or other diseases. It is also intended for pregnant women and is therefore very important for those going to Germany, for short or long periods.

Additional ancillary coverages that are not part of the default that you receive can be added to the insurance policy that you purchase. For example, for those who are expected to engage in challenging activities in Germany, including skiing, mountain climbing or any other activity that can be included in the category of extreme activities, it is recommended to purchase additional coverage, which provides an insurance response in case of injuries or other damages, caused during the activity itself. Such activities are fraught with risks and the chance of injury is high. In addition, it also includes rescue and rescue, which many times can also be life-savers.

The cost of hospitalization, the cost of a visit to the emergency room or to a family doctor, can be very high and reach, at best, several hundred euros. These are sometimes unimaginable costs, especially when hospitalization for a few days and related treatments are involved. Those who do not have travel insurance, are required to take the money out of their own pockets. Holders of travel insurance to Germany are required to pay a deductible only (a very low minimum amount) and there are policies that do not require a deductible at all. The supplementary costs are borne by the insuring insurance company, which transfers the payment to those relevant parties responsible for the treatment. Of course, it is very important to collect all the documents that testify to the treatments given in Germany and the hospitalizations or visits to the doctors, and present them when submitting the claim to the insurance company itself.

check and compare

Since there are quite a few options available to travelers, in regards to travel insurance/trip insurance, it is very worthwhile to conduct a market survey and examine in depth the notable differences. Today, you can purchase the insurance online in a few minutes or contact the insurance company or the insurance agency directly by phone. An existing health condition, the age of the insured, the nature of the trip as well as the destination, affect the cost of the insurance and this together with the coverages accompanying the basic insurance, which are also added (if desired).

Examples of additional insurance coverages: coverage for winter sports activities (skiing, for example), coverage for adventure sports activities (extreme), search and rescue services, cancellation of deductibles and more. It is highly recommended to check in depth, and before purchasing the insurance, which basic coverages it includes and which additional coverages can be added to it (and what is their cost, of course). You should also check, before setting off, what are the ways to contact the insurance hotline when you are in Germany, whether it is a hotline that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or if its hours of operation are more limited. Either way, purchasing a policy that includes all the necessary covers for the traveler is the one that will ensure a trip with peace of mind and great pleasure. There is no need to worry about talking and if, God forbid, a medical or other incident occurs, there is an address that you can use and receive the required response from.

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