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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the most modern and touristic cities in Europe, one that presents on the one hand a long history, and on the other hand modernism, innovation, technology and a multitude of colors in the city. Those who come to Berlin will be able to enjoy a wide variety of attractions, including museums, sites that tell the history of the city, amazing parks, many markets, an impressive zoo and a variety of other attractions that simply do not end. For those of you who love adrenaline and live on the edge, there are quite a few challenging and extreme activities in Berlin that include skiing, a crazy rope park, bungees only for the brave and bicycle tours with different routes.

After you have been impressed and read about all the attractions that await you in the city, booked a hotel and purchased a plane ticket at an affordable price and even chose the place where you will sit on the plane, the last thing left for you to do, the most important thing is to purchase travel insurance for Berlin which will provide you with protection for the entire trip and cover for you all Expenses for medical treatments, tests, hospitalization and even complex surgeries. The law does not require the purchase of travel insurance to Berlin, but flying without travel insurance is like playing Russian roulette, and if there is one important thing that you don’t gamble on and don’t take a risk, it’s your life and that of your family.

If the purpose of your trip to Berlin is to travel between the various attractions and enjoy the beauty of the city without doing challenging activities, you can be satisfied with basic insurance that will cover you fully and is fully adapted to the nature of the trip. But if your trip to Berlin will also combine extreme activities and adventure sports, it is highly recommended to purchase extensions to the Berlin travel insurance policy and adapt them to the nature of the adventure trip. Such insurance will include helicopter evacuation, rescues, searches using a rescue unit, medical flight, and the like. Many people are not interested in purchasing travel insurance on the grounds that they have private insurance that will cover all medical expenses. This claim is wrong since private insurance does indeed cover medical costs, but all this only if it is in the territory of the State of Israel. Private insurance does not cover medical expenses while you were abroad, so take this into account and avoid unpleasant surprises that will lead to high and unnecessary medical expenses since the simplest doctor’s examination in Berlin at best will cost a few hundred euros that you could have saved through a quick and easy purchase of travel insurance to Berlin.

travel insurance to berlin

Necessary coverages in the insurance policy

The travel insurance policy to Berlin includes a wide variety of coverages that must be emphasized, without which you will be forced to incur medical expenses in the amount of thousands of euros and sometimes even more. When reading the policy before approving it and signing the transaction, go over the policy carefully, make sure that it contains all the clauses that match the nature of your trip and that there are no exceptions that, when necessary, will harm you greatly. Be sure to read all the small sections that seem irrelevant to you, which you will likely be surprised to find out are of great importance and include the amount of medical coverage, deductibles, exceptions in the provision of treatments or surgeries. If you are interested in doing an extreme activity, mention it to the insurance agent who will add extensions to the policy, which will provide you with the appropriate insurance coverage that will protect you mainly in such activities that put you in constant danger of injury. Also, if you want to take valuable equipment with you such as: a laptop, an expensive camera, jewelry, tablets, etc., make sure that the policy covers damage or theft of equipment and that there is insurance for luggage that did not reach the destination.

Making a comparison between the insurance companies

There are currently many options for purchasing travel insurance policies for Berlin. The insurance market is very broad and includes many companies and representatives who will make sure to tell you that the policy they are offering you is the most attractive in the country and that you will not be able to get a better offer than what they are offering. Despite this, make a comparison and check in depth several policies from different companies to see if there are significant differences in the level of coverage, hospitalization costs, medical expenses, medication expenses, etc. An activity that you are going to carry out in Berlin. The insurance companies know that you conduct a price survey among all the insurance companies with whom you are in constant competition for each customer, and this data can greatly help you to get the most affordable offer for you. Therefore, do not refrain from demanding better offers, which are usually also accepted more easily.

Travel insurance costs to Berlin

Travel insurance to Berlin is designed to provide you with full coverage that is customized for each traveler and the nature of the trip he plans to make in Berlin. An insurance policy varies between insurance companies and as a result the prices also vary and will usually range around 2-4 euros per day for a basic policy. When the nature of the trip will include challenging and extreme activities, the extensions you will be forced to make to the insurance as a result will lead to an increase in the price of the policy, the price of which will be around 8-10 euros per day. Also, the age of the insured over 65, his medical history and state of pregnancy, will lead to an increase in prices and make special adjustments to the policy.

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