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Potsdam is a city that borders Berlin to the south, and is considered one of the most delightful cities for a tourist who comes to visit the country. Despite its removal from the status of the capital of Germany, and despite the many efforts made by the people of communist East Germany during the period when Germany was divided, to destroy its rich historical past, Potsdam remains a favorite destination both for the people of Berlin and for tourists who come to Germany from all over the world. The many lakes it is surrounded by, its beautiful gardens, most of which were built by order and for the kings of Prussia for generations, its thriving film industry (and that of the entire state of Brandenburg, of which Potsdam is the capital) and more, all of these make Potsdam a magical and first-rate tourist destination.

You will find in the city many historical monuments and covetous treasures that you will not see anywhere else. An example of these is the Zitzleinhof Palace, where the Potsdam Conference was held where many of the new world orders were established after World War II. Another example is the Sensoni Gardens of the Kings of Prussia, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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When is it recommended to come to Potsdam?

Anyone who has ever traveled to Europe, as well as many other destinations in the Northern Hemisphere, knows that the peak tourist season comes in the summer months (ie June to August, inclusive). Europe obeys this rule exceptionally well, and Potsdam itself follows it as well. The number of tourists in the city increases in the summer months, and reaches a low point in the winter months. The fact that there is such a sharp increase in the number of tourists in these months also leads to a concentration of international cultural events during this period, which in turn leads to more tourists arriving in the summer, and so on. The most prominent example of such an event is the Postadmer Schlössernacht festival, which is a very large event held in August every year, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The high demand for flights and places to stay at this time of the year leads to a significant increase in their prices. The travelers during this period, even if they plan their trip many months in advance, will find that the ticket prices may be double or more than those sold during the off-season, and similarly the hotel prices increase during these months. On the other hand, if you choose to come in the off-season (that is, mainly in the winter months, with the exception of the end of December to the beginning of January, when there is the tourist peak of Christmas and the beginning of the civil year), you can be sure that you will save a significant part of the cost of your trip. This is the best time to find great deals on holiday packages, flights and accommodation. Yes, you will have to deal with challenging weather, but the flexible among us may find that the savings are worth the effort.

Flights and airports nearby

The other big advantage of coming to Potsdam, apart from the fact that it is an amazing city, is that it is very close to Berlin. Therefore, those flying from Israel can use one of the city’s two airports, ask both of them you will find direct flights from Israel. This makes Potsdam (Berlin of course) one of the most accessible destinations in Germany. Although there are several other cities that are reached by a direct line, no city has direct flights with such frequency and such a supply. The two fields serving Berlin are Tegel Airport (TXL), and the smaller (although still very large) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF).

Berlin Schönfeld Airport is located about twenty kilometers southeast of Berlin, which made it the main (and only) airport of East Berlin during the Communist rule over the city. It is currently Berlin’s second airport, after Berlin-Tegel. It is a field of intense activity, although it mainly serves intra-European destinations and seasonal holiday destinations. Most of the longer international flights depart from Tegel Airport. Direct flights from Israel to Berlin-Schenfeld Airport are operated by several companies, including El Al, Ryanair and EasyJet. In fact, the line between Schnafeld and Tel Aviv is the busiest intercontinental line of the field. You can get from Schnefeld to Potsdam by direct train, which takes about an hour.

Tegel Airport, on the other hand, is the first airport founded in Berlin, and is located about eight kilometers northwest of the city of Berlin. It is a base for several airlines, and is one of the busiest airports in Europe. The size of the port allows it to offer passengers passing through it all the services expected from a field of this size, including several terminals, lounges for aviation clubs and the like. EasyJet (which has a base in the field) operates direct flights between Ben Gurion Airport and Tegel Airport, with a daily frequency.

It is important to note that Tegel Airport should be closed soon, with the opening of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (Berlin Brandenburg Airport – BER). With the transfer of the activity to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (adjacent to Berlin Schönfeld Field), the Tegel Field complex is expected to become a lively nightlife complex. Getting from the Tegel field to Potsdam is a bit more complex, but in the new field the infrastructure is likely to be similar to that of Schönfeld.

In terms of flight costs, these are of course determined according to the season in which you fly. During the tourist seasons the prices can go up a lot, certainly compared to the peak of the low seasons. However, in general it can be said that the constant high load on the Tel Aviv – Berlin line, together with the diverse offer of the companies operating on it (most of which are low cost companies) lowers the price. Prices in the off-season are about 70-80 US dollars per ticket, while in the peak of the season the price can triple or even quadruple. Be that as it may, it is very worthwhile to book a flight ticket in advance, both to successfully reserve the right date and to enjoy an attractive and cheap price.