Flights to Munich

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The city of Munich is a highly sought-after destination among many Israelis, and for good reason. It attracts crowds of tourists throughout the year and also quite a few businessmen, who stay there for a short period of time. It is a large city, full of attractions and special points of interest, a city from which you can reach special sites throughout the country or in neighboring countries, which share a common border with Germany (such as Austria and Switzerland), a modern and very special city, which, at the same time, also tells quite a bit about the rich history of Germany and of Bavaria in particular. Being like this, quite a few flights depart for Munich from all over the world and of course also flights from Israel, comfortable and fast flights.

Flights to Munich allow you to reach it directly, or after a flight with a layover, to enjoy the multitude of options it offers alongside the attractions, including good places to stay, a rich culinary world that should not be missed, a special local Bavarian culture and much more. There are quite a few special deals and promotions for these flights, which significantly reduce the cost of the vacation and allow anyone who wants to visit Germany, and especially to spend a few days in Munich itself, to do so without breaking a savings plan and spending a lot of money on it, which can be allocated, instead, for the benefit of the vacation.

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Flights to the destination and airlines

Munich can be reached by direct flights and flights with intermediate stops. Direct flights from Israel, those departing from Ben Gurion Airport, arrive in Munich in about four hours and 5 minutes on average. Flights with intermediate stops continue depending on the destination you are flying to and the duration of the stop. Since it is a large, touristic and very important city in Germany and Europe in general, there are plenty of flights to Munich, which are offered by large and small international airlines. The Israeli airline, El Al, has frequent scheduled flights to Munich throughout the year. Other airlines, which also offer flights to it, are KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Tarom, Lot, Turkish Airlines, Austrian and, of course, Lufthansa.

The cost of the flights is determined according to the date you choose to fly to Munich (although, it should be noted, Munich is considered a popular tourist destination throughout the year and in every season) and according to the airline that offers it and the type of flight ticket chosen. In general, this is a fairly wide price range: between 150 and 600 dollars and even more. A low-cost flight will cost less, of course, as will flights with intermediate stops, usually, and direct flights to Munich will cost more. Booking a flight and booking it as early as possible before the flight date guarantees, many times, a much more attractive price than the one offered as part of the last minute deal. You should follow promotions, profitable discounts and also make sure to book a plane ticket to Munich in advance.

When should you fly to Munich?

Some argue that Munich is suitable for visiting throughout the year and there is no particular month or season that is more suitable, while others – less so. At the same time, if you are wondering what is the best time to visit Munich, here is the answer: the spring season, from the end of March to the middle of June or the first weeks of autumn, during the month of September, just before the Oktoberfest, which attracts the crowds to the city. During these two time periods, the weather in Munich is very pleasant and there are a lot of events, festivals and various performances. All of them are a focal point mainly for the locals themselves, so the chance of encountering congestion and a high density of tourists is smaller. The summer months, June, July and August and also near Christmas, when charming Christmas markets operate in the city, are also good times, but the large number of visitors to the city must be taken into account. During these periods, accommodation prices rise, as do the prices of flights to Munich. For those who want to experience the local culture, the Oktoberfest is a great opportunity to do so. The traditional beer festival celebrations begin at the end of September and continue until the beginning of October.

Munich Airport

Those landing in Munich arrive directly at the city’s international airport (MUN), known as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. This is an important and prominent airport in Germany and Europe in general, one that serves masses of passengers throughout the year, and is considered the second busiest airport in Germany and the seventh busiest in Europe. It is only 28.7 km from the center of Munich and offers convenient and efficient transportation solutions for those who wish to reach the city directly from there: high-speed train line – S1-Bahn, which connects the airport to the main central station of Munich (usually a 45-minute journey), taxis (a 35-minute drive), regular buses, which depart from the airport to the city every 20 minutes and their journey duration is about 40 minutes, and also a rental car for those interested. There are quite a few car rental companies at the airport through which you can rent the appropriate vehicle (it is recommended to the advance order).

Additional ways of getting there

Europe offers a variety of very efficient transportation solutions, suitable for all those who want to get from one point to another without missing a single country. Munich can be reached by domestic flights within Europe (relevant for those who choose flights from Israel with a stopover), by a comfortable train and also by buses. Munich is in the southern part of Germany and is relatively close to the country’s neighbors: Austria, Switzerland and France. A trip from Salzburg in Austria to Munich takes about two hours (sometimes less) and it saves, for those who land in Salzburg for example, getting on another flight. Driving from Zurich in Switzerland to Munich itself takes around three and a half hours. Those who land in Milan, rent a car, and want to combine a visit to Germany and Munich in particular, will have to drive for almost seven hours to reach their destination. It doesn’t have to be a continuous trip. It can be used for stops along the way and for trips around.