Money and costs in Germany

So, how much money will you need when traveling in Germany? This, as we all know, is the question of questions that does not have a single, unequivocal answer. At the same time, it can be answered in general, referring of course to different parameters, which depend on the travelers themselves, the nature of the trip and also the season of the year in which they choose to come to Germany. In general, travelers will be required to spend, on average of course, around 150-120 euros per day (per person), which is the average price based on the expenses of other visitors. Meals (at a reasonable average restaurant) will cost you around 30-40 euros per day and the expenses for public transportation will be 20-25 euros per day. The average price for a hotel room in Germany for a couple is between 130-125 euros for a good hotel, and here too it depends of course on the location of the hotel and its facilities.

For families with children, the vacation may be more expensive, although the cost per person is lower, as there are places where children’s tickets are cheaper, compared to those for adults. At the same time, the longer the duration of the vacation, the lower the cost per day and the cost per day of travel for a couple will be lower than the cost per day for the single traveler. In Germany, there are many solutions that help reduce expenses, such as fast food chains, which reduce the cost of the meal and the food you buy, street food stalls, and also public transportation, which will be much cheaper than a taxi ride, for example. In an overall calculation, renting a car will be less realistic for those who plan to stay in the city itself due to higher costs, both for fuel and for parking throughout the country, however, if you leave the big cities and travel independently between the sites, this may be convenient and in many cases also more financially rewarding.

When planning the total expense for the vacation, the cost of the flight must also be taken into account. Flights to Germany depart from Ben Gurion Airport throughout the year and are offered by a very wide variety of airlines. Today, unlike in the past, you can find flights at cheaper prices and even less than 200 dollars. Flights at such cheap prices are known as low cost flights, while regular flights are likely to cost around 300, 400 or 500 dollars (and you can also find them for less).

money and costs in germany
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Different types of trip, different costs

The type and nature of the trip, as mentioned, have quite an impact on the overall costs and can, many times, make the difference between a relatively cheap trip and a very expensive trip. A backpacking trip to Germany is considered, and has been for a long time, a favorite trip for both young and old travelers, who combine stops in many destinations (Germany and other European countries). A trip of this type will usually be longer (usually more than a month) and will include accommodation in simple and cheap accommodations, such as youth hostels or hostels. In Europe, these places are considered clean, tidy and very comfortable and they meet high standards. The daily cost for low-budget backpackers varies between 50 and 80 euros per day (on average of course) and it is even possible to reduce it even more if a group of several travelers goes on the trip. In such cases, renting a furnished apartment can be a great solution, which, by the way, is also relevant for families with children.

The average travelers, those who come to Germany and also combine pampering and a higher quality of accommodations, will part with an average of 100 euros per day per person, since the cost of accommodation solutions in Germany, which are considered better than simple hostels and apartments, is not that high compared to other European countries. Those who make sure to prepare their own food and give up eating in restaurants or buffets, will be able to save quite a bit. At the same time, the fast food in Germany and the food stalls offer very cheap options and for less than 10 euros you can enjoy a satisfying meal. The average cost to rent a car in Germany per day is 40-45 euros, depending on the car model and the season of the year. For a group of several travelers or a family with children, this is an attractive, convenient and relatively cheap solution.

For those who choose to travel in Germany and can afford a high-level trip, the average daily cost of such a trip can range from 300 to 500 euros per day. Five-star hotels with excellent conditions will ask for between 150 and 300 euros per night, while there are also very expensive, luxurious and prestigious hotels that will ask for much more. It depends on the nature of the traveler as well as his needs and desires. Meals in luxurious restaurants can cost over 100 euros per diner, unless you choose to go there during the lunch hour, then the prices are lower compared to those in the evening.

So what have we had so far?
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