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Leipzig, also known as Germany’s music city, is a significant attraction for tourists visiting the Central European country. A large number of big names in the music industry were born or lived in the city over the generations, including Johann Sebastian Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn and more.

In addition to its rich history, Leipzig is a very impressive example of the reconstruction that German cities underwent after World War II. Leipzig, like Dusseldorf and Dresden, was almost fatally damaged during the war. The accelerated restoration processes that it went through led to the fact that the old and the new are used in a mixture, and this fascinating Shatanz is visible to the tourist from every corner of the city. Leipzig has also been home to a particularly large Jewish community since the Middle Ages, which adds a touch of more personal history for the Israeli tourist.

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When should you come to visit Leipzig?

Leipzig is a little south of the capital Berlin, very close to the center of the country. The weather there significantly dictates the presence of tourists there, similar to the other tourist destinations in Europe. Like almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, the number of tourists in Leipzig reaches its peak in the summer months, with an emphasis on July and August. The European tourists, as well as those who are not, take advantage of the vacation at the educational institutions and the more tourist-friendly weather, and come to rest in the city of music. Therefore, many of the festivals and cultural events in which Leipzig is steeped are also held in the summer.

The rising demand for tourist services in Leipzig during these months leads to their costs rising significantly. The flights, the hotels and the multitude of activities, the prices of all of them are skyrocketing in the peak of the tourist season. If you have plans to come to Leipzig this season, the warm recommendation is to plan the trip well in advance, in order to slightly reduce the increased expense derived from a trip in such a popular season.

If you have the opportunity, the most recommended months for a trip to Leipzig are the autumn and spring months, that is, mid-September to the end of October, and the end of March to the end of May. In these months, the city is less crowded than in the summer, but the weather is still pleasant and allows for trips outside closed places. Although there is a chance that you will encounter less friendly days, but in general this is the best time to travel. In addition, arriving before/after the peak of the tourist wave means that you can get more favorable prices on flights and hotels, which can reach significant amounts especially if you are traveling with a large family.

And finally, for the adventurous among us, Leipzig can also be visited in winter. Due to its popularity, Leipzig is never really empty of tourists, so you won’t have the city all to yourself. This is especially true if you arrive in the Christmas and New Year period, when the city experiences a brief peak in the number of visitors. However, in general, the winter months are characterized by lower prices for flights and hotels, which allows even low-budget travelers to enjoy high-class hotels at reasonable prices. Just don’t forget to pack suitable clothes.

Flights and airports in Leipzig

For those who want to spend as little time as possible on land roads, Leipzig offers the city’s airport (Leipzig/Halle International Airport – LEJ), which is only fifteen minutes from the center by train. However, the Leipzig airport does not have direct flights to and from Israel, which requires those who want to reach it to go through an intermediate destination on the way. The good news is that many airlines, European and non-European, operate at this port. Therefore, it is a large field, where you can find all the services expected from a field of this size. Close to three million passengers pass through it a year, making it one of the busiest fields in Germany, although not in the top ten.

Those who prefer to arrive by direct flight, and make their way to Leipzig by public transport or a rented car, will be happy to know that a train ride from Berlin’s southern railway station reaches the center of Leipzig in about an hour. Direct flights to Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (SXF) are operated by several companies, including El Al, Air Leisure and EasyJet. This large field, which will become an annex of the Brandenburg field (Berlin Brandenburg Airport – BER), is one of the largest and busiest fields in Germany. About 12 million passengers passed through it in 2019, and it is a destination for visitors from all over the world. You will find there advanced transportation services, lounges of many airlines as well as extensive commercial activity.

Another option for those interested in arriving by direct flight, is to land at the airport of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Although this is not the most convenient option for those whose main goal is Leipzig, but if you are looking for cheap alternatives, or want to spend time in another country on your way to Germany, this is an excellent option. From Prague’s central train station you can get to Leipzig (with a stop in Dresden), and the total travel time is about three and a half hours.

The flight costs to Leipzig from Israel obviously depend on the tourist season, as well as your choice of airports and airlines. In general, the relatively extensive offer of low-cost companies allows a relatively cheap arrival to Leipzig, so it is also suitable for travelers on a low budget. Very generally, it can be said that the cost of arrival ranges from about 150 US dollars in the low tourist season, up to several hundred dollars in the peak of the season.