Flights to Frankfurt

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We are not talking about Berlin or Munich, but Frankfurt also has a lot to offer, and it, like other big cities, attracts crowds of visitors throughout the year. There are relatively frequent flights from Israel to Frankfurt, which are boarded by both tourists who want to get to know the city itself and from there continue, sometimes, to other nearby destinations, as well as business people. Frankfurt is in the heart of Germany and is considered a very large city (number 5 on the list). The important banks of Germany and Europe operate in the city, which makes it a central economic center and very prominent in the entire environment. There are a variety of attractions around Frankfurt, which tell its long-standing story. It has great cultural events, vibrant markets, interesting museums and in fact – everything you need for a successful and pleasant city vacation.

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Flights to the destination and airlines

Being a leading destination on the list of sought-after cities in Germany, Frankfurt offers a wide variety of arrival solutions, for those who wish to make their way there from distant Israel. There are quite a few flights to Frankfurt, which depart from Ben Gurion Airport, and arrive there directly in about four and a half hours. These direct flights are offered by a variety of airlines, including Israel’s El Al, Germany’s Lufthansa and more. At the same time, there are also flights with an intermediate stop to the destination, which, while extending the total duration of the flight (since it is a flight with a break midway and a stop at another airport until boarding the plane to continue the flight to Frankfurt itself), may often reduce the cost of the flight. These flights are offered by leading European airlines, such as KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Swiss, Austrian and more. The duration of the flight is determined according to the destination where you stop on the way and the time of the stop. The price range for flights to Lufthansa ranges from 250 to 500 dollars and even more, depending on the season of the year, the type of ticket and also the type of flight – direct or with a stopover.

When should you fly to Frankfurt?

The city offers a selection of different types of events as well as charming festivals, which justify a stop there for a few days and book a flight to it. Close to Christmas, colorful holiday markets are held there, attracting crowds. These markets offer plenty of great stalls and attract both tourists and locals. Here is a partial list of some of the events in Frankfurt that should not be missed: Berger Strassenfest – takes place in the city every year at the end of May or beginning of June and offers a variety of food stalls, which include tastings of the local cuisine and other cuisines. All this is accompanied by live music and various activities for children. BruckenWall Fest – takes place every Saturday during the month of September and is known as one of the equal festivals of the region. It presents the multiculturalism of the city and its surroundings and offers food and drink stalls and good music. The shops, bars and cafes of the city decorate themselves in his honor and offer their services and products as part of it. Dippemess Frankfurt – held in the fall season, from September 7 to 16. This is the largest festival of its kind, one of the oldest in the city. This is a large and colorful social event, with amazing fairs, many activities and surprises for all visitors.

As for the weather in the city – as is the case with other cities in Germany and Europe in general, the weather in Frankfurt is definitely a parameter that must be taken into account when planning a visit to the city. The hottest period is between the months of June and August, when quite a few visitors also arrive in Frankfurt and it may be a little crowded at the various sites, and also near Christmas and the beginning of the new year. The seasons of transition, spring and autumn, are good times and highly recommended for a visit, in light of the favorable weather conditions (it may be cool, so it is recommended to equip yourself with warming clothing) and also less busy and crowded with visitors.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport – Flughafen Frankfurt am Main – is one of the largest and busiest airports in Germany. It is only 12 km away from the city itself and is packed with flights that land there or take off from it throughout the months of the year. A high-speed train (Sky Line) connects the terminals there, and in a short drive (only 2 minutes). For those interested in getting to the city from the airport Two trains are offered, the stations of which are located in Terminal 1 (at platforms 1-3 for short distances, or at platforms 4-7 for long distances) and at Terminal 2, where the Sky Line operates. In addition, there are also buses, which depart from Terminals 1 and 2 into the city frequently High (lines 61, 73 and 900). Those who wish, can also take a taxi or rent a car from one of the car rental companies, whose representatives are located in both terminals.

Additional ways of getting there

Germany is a very touristic country, and as such it offers a wide selection of transportation solutions to all those who land at its various airports and choose to spend the night in one of the cities in which to continue to the next destination. If you land, for example, in Berlin, and from there you want to get to Frankfurt, you can do it by traveling in a rented car (a distance of 550 km, which will take you around 5 hours), by a domestic flight of 1 hour and 10 minutes, by traveling by public transportation: bus (7 hours) or train (4 hours drive).