Frankfurt, which is located in the center of Germany, is among the five largest cities in the country and also a very popular and popular city. This is a city, and similar to other cities in Germany, that has known quite a few upheavals and changes over the years and has even been renovated, restored and many parts of it rebuilt after the severe bombings during World War II. All these and more made it what it is today, a city with tall modern buildings, standing bravely next to older buildings, which tell its story.

Frankfurt is a city that offers a lot to its visitors, with a vibrant night life scene, good restaurants, interesting attractions and of course quite a few hotels and other accommodations where you can stay. There are signs of settlement in the place as early as the first century AD, which makes it a very ancient city, a city with history, intertwined in the story of Germany as a whole. Several famous and important personalities were born in Frankfurt, such as the writer, poet and thinker Goethe as well as Anne Frank, whose story we all know.

Hotels in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has always been a city that attracts crowds, whether tourists or business people, who come to exhibitions and important business events. As such, the city offers a very diverse selection of accommodation solutions, including basic and cheap hotels as well as very luxurious hotels. In addition, the city has hostels and places to stay for backpackers looking for simplicity, as well as quite a few apartments that can be lived in for short periods (including Airbnb apartments) and apartments that contain a very large number of apartments equipped with all the equipment needed for the duration of the stay in the apartment itself.

Frankfurt’s hotels are scattered in different areas, with many of them concentrated in the most touristic and accessible places in the city. The price range is wide and can reach over 200 euros, with the average being usually around 70-80 euros per night per person. Due to the different prices, visitors to the city can find the exact answer that suits them easily and quickly and enjoy an accommodation solution that will accompany them throughout their stay in the big city. There are very high level hotels rated as 5 star hotels and there are lower level hotels with two or three stars.

In order to find the most convenient accommodation solution, it is highly recommended during the search to focus on the center of the city, near the various sites in it as well as the accessible means of transportation, and locate the hotels, apartments or hostels (depending on the budget) located in these areas. Those who are expected to arrive in the city during the summer months, June and July, which are considered the peak of the tourist season, will discover a very high demand for the hotels, which justifies booking in advance and preferably even a few months before arrival.

Those who arrive for a few hours or wish to continue from there with a flight back home, will find very attractive accommodation solutions at the airport near the city. This way you can easily and quickly get to the field before the flight without wasting precious time or paying a lot of money for accommodation in the hotels in the city. The connection between the field and the city itself is very convenient and allows those who choose the hotels that are close to the field to enjoy a service that will serve them properly.

Recommended Hotels in Frankfurt

A luxury hotel in the heart of Frankfurt, close to historical sites and shopping centers. With a pool, spa, restaurants and parking
Pampering at an international level!
A 3-star hotel half an hour’s walk from the historic center of the city
Very indulgent

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Restaurants in Frankfurt

In recent years, Frankfurt has become a very important culinary center in Germany, and every year quite a few restaurants pop up there, bringing you great quality and variety in the dishes served. Today you can find a selection of restaurants in Frankfurt that meet almost every need and in every genre, restaurants with typical German food alongside international restaurants. Fine meat restaurants and also restaurants for vegans and all those looking for healthy cuisine. There are food stands at various points in the city as well as well-known chains of fast, simple and cheap food. You can even find strictly kosher restaurants and restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean food, including typical Israeli food.

It is very worthwhile to stop for a long or short sit in one of the cafes in the city, for a delicious coffee and a fresh and good apple cake or don’t forget to order a local dessert as well. Some of the dishes warm the stomach well and are considered comforting dishes (with potatoes, various vegetables, soups of all kinds and meats) and some are lighter. The hot dogs star in quite a few places, and just like in other cities, you can also find them in large numbers in Frankfurt when they are served at the food stalls or in restaurants, alongside other dishes and fine and tasty beers.

In Frankfurt, as in other cities in Germany, there are immigrants from different countries. The expression of this can also be seen in the restaurants, which present menus with flavors that come from those distant places to those who stop by. Sushi and other Japanese dishes, typical Lebanese food, good exotic Indian dishes and also simple and delicious American food, all this and more can be found in different areas of the city, both in central and remote locations.

Attractions in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt you can find a selection of attractions, suitable for every style and every age. Some are concentrated right in the city center, while others are further away. Being a very ancient city, it is hard not to notice the old historical buildings when visiting it. Although Frankfurt, compared to Berlin for example, is not at the top of the list of the most visited cities, recently it seems that many have discovered its charm and beauty, which are reflected in the many sites it offers and also the special events held there every year.

Important tip: Planning a short or long stay in Frankfurt? Frankfurt Card is a great solution that can save you quite a bit of money. This card will allow you to travel on public transportation in the city, including the one that comes from the airport to the city and takes the passengers there, at no cost. The ticket is suitable for one or two days and also gives a 50 percent discount on entry to museums, various attractions in the city and guided tours. This is the perfect way to explore the city on the cheap and enjoy all the abundance and comfort it offers. A ticket for one day per person costs 11 euros and for two days 16 euros. For a group of a maximum of 5 people, the ticket for one day costs 23 euros and for two days – 33 euros (as of 2020 and 2021).

Here is a short overview of attractions in Frankfurt that warrant a stop:

The old historic center of Frankfurt

Like any self-respecting old city, in Frankfurt you can also find one area where some of the city’s older buildings are located. The old center of Frankfurt, the Romerberg, offers its visitors a number of buildings that are quite a few years old, which were almost completely destroyed during World War II. One of the most prominent relics in the center of history is the beautiful cathedral that is hard to ignore, St. Bartholomaus. It is a cathedral from the 13th century, which in its time was considered the tallest building in the city.

The Museum of Modern Art (Museum für Moderne Kunst)

It’s hard not to include cultural points while staying in the city and visiting interesting museums, the likes of which are very easy to find in Frankfurt. One of them is the Museum of Modern Art, which displays beautiful art collections of German and American artists who created their works on display in the period immediately after World War II. The museum is open to visitors throughout the week, from 10 am to 5 pm, except on Wednesdays when it closes at 8 pm.

Goethe Museum

The famous German poet, thinker and writer Goethe left behind a long-standing legacy and, as with other important personalities, his home also became, over the years, a place of pilgrimage for many. Goethe’s house became a museum and today, when visiting the place, you can find quite a few of his personal belongings. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn about his work and his important works. The museum is open throughout the week.

The Museum of Applied Art (Museum für Kunsthandwerk)

Here is another museum in Frankfurt, which also warrants a visit. The museum displays large and very impressive collections of applied art, collections that are divided into four different wings: a wing focused on European countries, a wing dedicated entirely to works of Islam, a wing full of works from the Far East and a section of works related to literature and writing. Museum fur Kunsthandwerk is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm, while on Thursdays it closes at 8 pm.

The TV building and Commerzbank Tower (Europaturm & Commerzbank Tower)

These tall buildings can be seen in many cities all over the world and in Frankfurt itself. The television building, which is hard to miss due to its great height (reaches a height of 337 meters), is the right place to view the entire city and see all the buildings and sites in it arranged side by side in an exemplary and precise order. The Commerzbank Tower is another famous tower in the city, a tall tower as well, the construction of which is responsible for one of Germany’s largest banks. The tower currently has offices and only the entrance floor is open to visitors.

Frankfurt Fair Center (Messe Frankfurt)

Many come to the city following conferences, exhibitions and special fairs held there throughout the year. The fair center of Frankfurt is without a doubt one of the attractions in it if only due to its impressive size. It is considered the largest fair center in the whole world and every year it hosts millions of people, who come to the dozens of fairs held there.

The Botanical Garden of Frankfurt (Palmengarten)

Those looking for the green lung of the city will find it in the form of charming peanut gardens. In the botanical garden of Frankfurt there are more than 5,000 different varieties of flowers, colorful and carnivorous plants. It also has a lovely Chinese garden, a park that serves as an activity complex for children and, of course, countless hiking trails that pass through its magnificent plants.

Jewish buildings in the city

In the distant past of Frankfurt, quite a few Jews lived there. Today there are less than 10,000 Jews who live there permanently, but there are many important buildings that tell the story of the community itself. The Jewish Museum is one of them, the Rothschild Hall and also the Westend Synagogue, in its very special front part.

Car rental in Frankfurt

It is very easy to get around in Frankfurt and the public transport is efficient and convenient. At the same time, there are quite a few travelers as well as business people, who choose the option of renting a car in Frankfurt instead of using local transportation. Such an option is mainly relevant to all those who plan to go out of the city to other destinations or to enjoy a “star trip” style trip. Be that as it may, there are quite a few car rental companies in Frankfurt, whose offices are located in the city center or already at the airport itself, so that you can make the reservation or pick up the car immediately after landing.

Flights to Frankfurt

Direct flights to Frankfurt depart throughout the year. In about four and a half hours on average, the masses of passengers arrive at the international airport adjacent to the city, known as one of the largest airports in Europe. This airport is 11 km from Frankfurt (west of it) and serves a multitude of airlines from all over the world. From the airport to the city you can reach the city by public transport, by taxis or hotel shuttles or by renting a car from one of the local rental companies.

Many airlines offer flights from Israel, including Israel’s El Al and Germany’s Lufthansa. Those interested in discounting the flight ticket will be able to choose low-cost flights, flights with intermediate stops (connection) in various European destinations. Flights of this type are offered by Wise Air, EasyJet, Austrian Airlines, Pegasus, Swiss, Air France and more. These flights will mostly be in cooperation with Lufthansa. Due to the demand for flights to Frankfurt, it is highly recommended to book them in advance, especially if you plan to come to the city during the summer months or following an attractive fair or exhibition.

When should you fly to Frankfurt?

Similar to other cities in Germany, Frankfurt is also suitable for a visit in any season. It is indeed very cold in the winter months, but this coldness adds quite a bit to the atmosphere. Many choose to come to the city during the cold winter months to enjoy the magic of celebration as only this city has to offer, and others prefer to come to it during the hot summer months.

For those who choose to fly to Frankfurt, you should take into account special events, which are recommended to include during the visit:

The Frankfurt Spring Fair is definitely a good reason to board a flight directly to the city. This charming and colorful fair, held in the city every year during the month of April, attracts crowds of both tourists and residents of the country and the city itself. As part of it, visitors are offered a multitude of food stalls, stalls of handicrafts and local produce, as well as activities for children of all ages. The fair is opened and closed by huge fireworks that are difficult to remain indifferent to.

Wine lovers will also be able to enjoy a special event in Frankfurt, held there every year during the month of September. This event takes place in the city’s Opera Square and is entirely dedicated to a drink that many love. Wine merchants from the region also come to it and in fact it is even considered the most important event of the German wine industry. Those who choose to visit it will be able to taste many types of wines and try some new ones that have just come out on the market.

do you like to read The big Frankfurt book fair takes place there every year during the months of September and October. It is a huge international fair, focused entirely on the distribution of books of all kinds. This is a wonderful experience for reading enthusiasts and an opportunity to visit the charming city.

Young people and music lovers in general are advised not to miss Frankfurt’s largest and most prestigious music festival – Sound of Frankfurt. In this festival, which lasts for about three consecutive days, the best musicians of various genres, including pop, techno and more, participate. Although it is very noisy and full of lively energy, it definitely warrants a visit if only to enjoy a slightly different experience of one of the well-known festivals in the whole of Germany. The festival is held every year during the summer, in the month of July.

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