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Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and other large and prominent cities in Germany are good reasons to pack a suitcase and board flights to (relatively) nearby Germany. In about four and a half hours on average, when it comes to a direct flight, you can reach one of the most interesting countries in Europe, the one that attracts travelers from all over the world and, of course, multitudes of Israelis who choose to spend their vacation there. Being a highly sought-after destination, Germany offers a very wide selection of attractions, excellent accommodation solutions, itineraries and many restaurants, cafes and events throughout the year, making it a sought-after destination that should not be missed.

It is possible to find, in every season, a very wide selection of flights to Germany, offered by the various airlines – flights departing directly from Israel and arriving in the major cities. The frequency of these flights is high and they depart throughout the hours of the day, in the early hours of the day and after dark. To the more popular destinations, such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, you can find an especially large number of flights, while the other destinations have a lower number, but at the same time large enough to provide an excellent solution for all those who wish to stop there and include them in their itinerary.

flights to germany


The cost of flight tickets to Germany is determined according to various parameters: the destination you are flying to, the season of the year you are flying, the airline operating the flight and also whether it is a direct flight or a flight with an intermediate stop (connection). The price range is very wide and ranges from 170 to 700 US dollars. As of today, and especially due to the great competition between the airlines and the various tourism companies, both in Israel and in the world, it is possible to find, and unlike in the past, flights at extremely discounted prices, for less than 200 dollars. Some of these flights are regular flights and some are considered low-cost flights.

When should you fly?

There is a lot to see and do in Germany, so in every season you can enjoy everything it has to offer and have a pleasant time in the same destinations you are flying to. Similar to other European countries, in the winter months it is very cold in Germany and in most of the cities there is also a lot of snow. This cold does not harm the quality of the trip and actually contributes a lot to the atmosphere. The snow, the black and white that covers the ancient buildings and the charming, colorful Christmas markets that decorate the big cities as well as the villages, make visiting Germany in the winter months an unusual experience and an opportunity to experience a real winter, the likes of which are rarely experienced in Israel. Between the months of October and December you can find a wide selection of vacation packages, which also include discounted flights, but to enjoy them it is recommended to book them in advance.

In the summer, when the temperatures rise in Germany, its visitors can enjoy very comfortable and pleasant weather and the multitude of events and festivals held there. Between the months of June and August, many visitors come to Germany, especially quite a few families with children, who choose to focus their vacation mainly on the Black Forest region. In the summer months, it is possible to combine a visit to the big cities with a visit to the various natural sites of Germany and continue to neighboring countries, which are a short drive away. Even during this period, it is highly recommended to book flight tickets in advance due to the high demand.

How do you fly (direct/connection)?

There is a very large selection of flights to Germany, some direct flights and some flights with intermediate stops (connection). Direct flights from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport to Germany go to the largest and most central cities in Germany, the ones considered the most touristic and in demand: Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. These direct flights last about four hours and 15 minutes (to Berlin), 10 minutes (to Munich) and 35 minutes (to Frankfurt) and depart very frequently throughout the year. Those who wish to visit other cities in Germany, will be able to choose the option of flights with intermediate stops (connection flights) departing from Israel to various destinations in Europe or in Germany itself, from where they continue to the final destination they wish to reach (Dusseldorf, Hamburg, etc.). The duration of the flight depends on the destination where you stop, the waiting time for the next flight and the distance between the first stop and the destination you wish to reach.


There are quite a few airlines that operate regular flights and low-cost flights from Israel to Germany. Israel’s El Al is on the list, as is Germany’s Lufthansa. Other airlines that also offer direct flights and flights with stopovers are: Air France, Aeroflot, KLM, Alitalia, Rainier, EasyJet, Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and more.

Airports of Germany

As a very prominent tourist destination in Europe and the whole world, Germany offers a large number of airports, some of which are considered central and very active. In this list you can find: Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Munich Josef Strauss Airport and Frankfurt Airport. Masses of passengers pass through each of them throughout the year, continuing from the field to destinations all over the world and also to domestic destinations (within Germany itself). These airports, and the other airports in Germany, are linked to the cities near them by means of diverse and convenient transportation solutions available to visitors: trains are one of the options, service taxis and of course also shuttles and shuttles provided by hotels or paid private companies.

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