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For many, Dresden is remembered as one of the most prominent symbols of the devastation wrought by World War II in the lives of the citizens of the warring countries. The massive bombardment carried out by the Allies on the city, for example, turned it into a total ruin. The mass flight of the population from the city also contributed to this image.

However, over the years Dresden has demonstrated phenomenal restoration capabilities. It is a very ancient city, with a rich and glorious history that has seen many vicissitudes over the years. The restoration it underwent after the war presents visitors with an eclectic mix of ancient and modern, old and new.

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Flights and airports in the Dresden area

Those interested in visiting Dresden have several options to get there, but in any case you will not find direct flights between Israel and Dresden. Unless you are coming from another destination in Europe, you will have to make a stopover in another city before you can land in the city. Dresden international airport (DRS) is located about nine kilometers north of the city, and the traffic between the city and it is by train of about twenty minutes. It is a medium-sized field, with a traffic of 1.5-2 million passengers per year. You will find flights from many European capitals, such as Amsterdam, London, Zurich and more. You can also reach it through other cities in Germany, such as Berlin or Frankfurt, to which there are direct flights.

Another option is to arrive via the Czech Republic, as Dresden is close to Germany’s eastern border with the Czech Republic. Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague – PRG) is an old, large and spacious airport, which was previously crowned as the best airport in Eastern Europe. It is an extremely large field, with a passenger traffic of more than 17 million people a year. It is operated by a large number of airlines from all over the world, and you can reach it by direct flight from almost every continent on the globe. Therefore, you can expect that the various tourist services in it will be very developed, and that you will be able to find everything you need, whether you are a frequent traveler or whether you are new to the field.

There are several companies that operate direct flights between Tel Aviv and Prague, including El Al, Check Airlines and others. In order to get from Prague to Dresden, you must first arrive at the city’s main train station. From there, you can take a direct train to Dresden, a journey that takes about two and a quarter hours.

If you prefer to fly directly to Germany, and from there roll to Dresden, you can take a flight to Berlin or Frankfurt. The aviation sector in Berlin has been undergoing dramatic changes recently, as Tegel Airport (the largest of Berlin’s two) is about to close, and in its place Brandenburg International Airport (BER) is about to open, near the existing Schoenenfeld Berlin Airport (SXF). Direct flights to one of Berlin’s airports (depending on whether you fly before or after the opening of Brandenburg Airport) are operated by several airlines, including El Al, easyJet and more. Either way, all Berlin airports are built for the traffic of millions of passengers every year, so you can be sure that these are comfortable and accessible fields. From Berlin Central Station you can reach Dresden by train in less than two hours.

The cost of getting to Dresden varies greatly depending on the season, the airline and the field where you choose to land. For the most part, the option of flying through Prague will be the cheapest, both due to the low port taxes and the relatively cheap companies that operate the line. The price range is between about 80 US dollars in the low seasons, and up to 400 dollars (or more) in the peak of the season.

When should you come to Dresden?

In general, the busiest season in Dresden is the summer season, with an emphasis on the months of July and August. Tourist traffic increases significantly in these months throughout Europe, and Dresden is no exception to this rule. The high demand for hotels, flights and attractions during this period leads to an increase in prices, which may ultimately result in your summer vacation costing double or more than a similar vacation in the off-season. Although it may very well be that, like the other vacationers who come to the city, the only option for you is to come in the summer. If this is not the case, the recommendation is to choose another time for vacation.

The most recommended season is spring, when the number of tourists is less and the prices are more reasonable. You will find yourself enjoying the parties, visiting the historical sites and generally enjoying a less busy, less expensive and more intimate vacation with this special city.

In the winter months, although they are not particularly popular with tourists, Dresden experiences a steady stream of tourists coming to see the city in the snow. In addition, the famous Dresden Ice Festival (Eiswelt Dresden) held from December to February (with ice exhibits, events and shows) attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. In general, this is the right season to look for great deals on flights and hotels, but don’t expect to find the city empty of tourists. This is especially true in the Christmas and New Year period, when all tourist destinations experience a temporary peak of visitors.