Flights to the Black Forest

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There is a charm in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) that is hard to find elsewhere, and it is this that makes it such an attractive and sought-after tourist destination. Its magical atmosphere, the picturesque towns and villages and the cities and history associated with it all bring the Black Forest to the fore when it comes to tourist destinations. In addition, the developed tourist infrastructure makes the trip there especially comfortable, which brings many families from all over the world, and from Israel in particular.

You will find the Black Forest on the southwestern border of Germany, near the Swiss and French borders. The huge variety of cities, towns and points of interest allows everyone to find what they are looking for in a trip. You will find mesmerizing views, parties until dawn, fascinating museums and a host of other attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.

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When should you go for a walk in the Black Forest?

If all the tourist destinations in Europe reach their peak in the summer months in terms of the number of tourists, then the Black Forest reaches its peak. The fact that it is a favorite vacation destination for families, both European and non-European, dictates almost dictatorially that the number of tourists there will increase in accordance with the vacations at the educational institutions.

As a result of the soaring demand in these months specifically, the costs of tourist services in the black destination area in July and August soar to heights almost unseen elsewhere. Moreover, if you wake up too late, you may not find a hotel room, even if you are willing to pay a lot. The recommendation is to close the services that you will consume as early as possible, and even a year in advance would not be too early. This is the only way to get deals at reasonable prices that are relatively easy on the pocket.

If you have the opportunity, the warm recommendation is to go to the Black Forest in the autumn months. In April and May you will find the forest in full bloom, the weather is smiling and the days are getting longer. In addition, the tourist load on this part of the country is not as great as in the summer, which allows you to enjoy it in a more intimate and authentic way. At the same time, the lower demand leads to a drop in the prices of flights and accommodations, which will allow you to close the trip at a more reasonable cost than a similar trip in the summer.

The winter months can also be good months for a trip, although it is not certain that you will want to travel in them as a family with small children. There are not many tourists in the Black Forest during these months, and the prices of tourist services are at an annual low, but the weather may force you to spend a lot of time indoors. Such a trip can be difficult for children, so it is mainly suitable for adults who want to experience the winter magic of the forest.

Flights and airports in the Black Forest

We will take the flights to the Black Forest here from Israel to Freiburg, which is considered the gateway to the Black Forest. However, keep in mind that the Black Forest is dotted with cities and towns, so you can calculate additional routes according to your needs.

First, it is important to note that Freiburg itself does not have an airport adjacent to it, which means that you have to land in a field a little far away and get there by public transportation or a rental car. However, the big advantage is that it is very close to the borders, which makes it accessible and close to airports to which and from which direct flights operate in Israel.

The closest airport to Freiburg is the airport in Basel, Switzerland (Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Frieburg – MLH, BSL, EAP), which is even named after the city of Freiburg. It serves the border triangle Germany – Switzerland – France, and as such it has very efficient transportation to the cities it serves. You can reach it by direct flight from Tel Aviv through EasyJet, which uses the airport in Basel as its home airport in Switzerland. After taking a bus to the Basel train station (about fifteen minutes from the field), you can get on a forty-minute train to Freiburg.

Although the airport in Basel is the closest to Freiburg, it may not be suitable for passengers who want a direct flight because the direct flights are only operated on some days of the week. For those who want to fly on other days, or prefer not to fly with a low cost airline, Freiburg can also be reached via the fields in Frankfurt, Germany, and Zurich, the capital of Switzerland.

The field in Frankfurt is an especially large field, and you can reach it on El Al and Lufthansa flights. The frequency of flights is high, and you can find more than one flight each day. In addition, due to the fact that the field in Frankfurt is one of the busiest in Germany in particular and in Europe in general, you can be sure that you will be able to find all the services you need there. From the airport in Frankfurt you can reach Freiburg by train, with a stop and change in Mannheim, in about two hours.

And finally, you can reach Freiburg by direct flight also via Zurich. There are direct flights to it from Tel Aviv every day of the week except Saturday, both by Swiss and El El. In addition, the wide variety of European destinations from which there is a flight to Zurich makes this field a good destination also for flights with a stopover. From the field in Zurich you can reach Freiburg by train, with the entire trip (including 2 changes) taking a little over two hours.

The wide variety of fields through which you can reach Freiburg make the prices of flights relatively affordable, depending of course on the airline and the season in which you fly. The range of ticket prices is 500-100 US dollars per ticket, where buying in advance will usually guarantee a cheaper price.