Attractions in the Black Forest

It serves as the perfect inspiration for countless fairy tales and at the same time is also considered one of the most prominent attractions in Europe, the favorite of many families. The Black Forest (in German: Schwarzwald) makes available to its visitors a huge variety of activities, points of interest and special attractions, suitable for all ages and also for young children and even little ones. The amazing views it offers, its history and also its typical local culture (thanks to its special location and its proximity to neighboring countries – France and Switzerland) make it a destination you should not miss.

The Black Forest, in the southwestern part of Germany, borders with France – in the western part, and with Switzerland – in the southern part. This is a geographical area with a huge area: from north to south it is about 160 km long and its width in the northern part is 30 km, while in the southern part it is about 60 km. It has mountains and high peaks (most of them in the southern part of the forest), With the highest mountain in it being the Feldberg, whose peak reaches approximately 1,493 meters, and quite a few rivers cross it. Along with the tourism industry that stands out there, the various trees in the forest are used as raw material for many, making it of great economic importance to Germany and its immediate surroundings. The watch industry The Zaira is also held there and the glass industry has been operating there for many years.

The central part of the forest, as well as its southern part, are defined as a national park, with a total area of ​​3,700 square kilometers. In this area, there are a host of spectacular viewpoints, waterfalls, lakes, picturesque villages, small towns and, in fact, everything you need for a dreamy, pleasant and peaceful vacation The official gateway to the Black Forest is the city of Freiburg, which in itself justifies a short or long stop.

Due to the less favorable weather conditions in winter in the Black Forest (typical winter weather), the most suitable periods to visit are the transition seasons, even though it may be rainy at times, and of course the summer months, especially July and August, when the temperatures are very comfortable and you can enjoy all the attractions, activities and sessions that are offered in the forest. These are scattered in its various areas, so that a star trip, for example, can be a solution for anyone who wants to properly take advantage of the abundance offered.


Nature sites

The nature in the Black Forest is perhaps its highlight. Waterfalls, charming lakes, green hills and spectacular views, all these and more make the Black Forest a perfect place for lovers of hiking and green nature. At most of the points of interest in nature you can stop for a short stop, while at others you should spend a long hour (or more). Either way, it’s very important to check the weather conditions before you set off and don’t forget to take a camera.

Triberg Waterfalls (Triberg Waterfalls) – Falling from a height of 163 meters and continuing to the Gotach River, Triberg Waterfalls are considered the highest waterfalls in Germany and also a prominent and beloved stopping point in the Black Forest. They are called by this name because they are located in the charming town of Triberg and in exchange for a not high symbolic price (only if you choose to enter the upper entrance and the middle entrance to the waterfalls), you can visit them and enjoy wonderful waterfall views, which include several levels. The Triberg Falls were created by the movement of glaciers and are divided into two parts: the upper falls and the lower falls, which are considered more beautiful. The best entrance to the falls, one of the three possible entrances, is the lower one, through the town. This way you can also combine a visit to it and enjoy a short and comfortable walking route. The waterfalls are open to visitors between the months of April and October until approximately 10 pm. In the hours of darkness they are illuminated, which adds to their unusual beauty.

Lake Titisee – in the south of the Black Forest is the beautiful Lake Titisee, near the town of the same name. It is also considered a must-stop, mainly due to the pleasant atmosphere it offers and its charming appearance. The length of the lake is 1.87 km, its width is 750 meters, while its maximum depth is 20 meters. It is considered a very popular tourist destination among travelers in the Black Forest and it is possible, when visiting the area, to go on a short organized cruise (usually 30 minutes). Independent travelers who like To “navigate” the area on their own, they can rent a pedal boat or a motor boat and enjoy a cruise at a slow and comfortable pace. There is a boardwalk near the lake, and you can go for a walk along it, including restaurants where you can stop for a quick meal. For those coming with children, it is recommended to take the train, which goes on a trip that is about an hour long in front of the beautiful views of the lake.

The hot baths of Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden Thermal Baths) – the hot baths in Baden-Baden are considered a very popular attraction among many travelers, and in fact it is an ancient tradition, which accompanies the old city that was founded in 80 AD and was a Roman settlement at the beginning. Many who come to the Black Forest choose to stop for a day or two in Baden Baden and enjoy great spa treats that are good for the body and soul. The town has quite a few hot baths, located inside various modern buildings, such as Caracalla baths, Friedrichsbad baths and more.

Lake Schluchsee – this large artificial lake is a very prominent attraction in the Black Forest and has been there since 1920 when the dam was built there. In addition to boating in the lake, which is at an altitude of 3,050 meters, you can go hiking around it, you can rent bicycles and ride with them on the route that bypasses it and above all enjoy the wonderful views and peace, which is typical of the entire region. The lake is also excellent for various water sports activities, such as water skiing, surfing and diving and is surrounded by green hills, which serve as a perfect backdrop.

Lake Mummelsee – this lake is a popular stopping point among quite a few tourists who come to spend their vacation in the Black Forest. The circumference of the lake is 800 meters, its depth reaches about 17 meters and it is located on the western side of the Hornisgrinde mountain, in the northern part of the forest, where its northern, western and eastern sides are wooded. The lake is named after the oil of the white water lilies, which in German are called Mummeln, of which you will see many around it. You can rent boats, and go for a cruise on the lake or stop at one of the two restaurants there.

The mountain slides in Todenau (Hasenhorn Coaster) – if an extreme activity, which is suitable, among other things, also for families with children, is what you are looking for, this attraction is perfect for you. The mountain slides in Todenau are located in the southern part of the Black Forest and are considered one of the most popular attractions in the region. The slides, like others, are based on a kind of sleds, on which the visitors sit and slide along a winding track in front of the spectacular views of the Black Forest, on the slopes of the mountain, all the way to the stream. The total length of their track is 3 km and at some points they are very steep and winding. The speed of their surfing depends on the surfers themselves and how they direct them. Unlike the mountain slides in Gotach, they are more challenging, but definitely suitable for children of all ages (if they are tiny, then it is required (Accompanied by an adult). Those who don’t want to get on them, can go up to the point where the sleds leave via the cable car and from there continue on a hike in nature. The attraction is open throughout the year, from morning to afternoon, but at different times it is only open during the weekend. When the winds are strong and the rains are heavy, it is closed to visitors and inactive.

Interesting museums

The reference here is not only to museums that display works of art, but also to museums that tell about the local culture and the history of various industries, typical of the Black Forest. In some of them you can wander for quite a few hours and in some of them a short visit will definitely be enough. Some of the museums are in open places and some are in closed places, where you can escape on cool and rainy days.

The Open Museum of the Black Forest (Black Forest Open Museum) – The open museum (German: Schwarzwalder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof) is under the sky, between Hausach and Gutach and is one of the popular attractions in the Black Forest. It is located in the center of a farm from 1612 and includes authentic buildings from the Black Forest that were moved to it, an exhibition of textile crafts, which characterized the area, an exhibition on animal husbandry and milk production, a comparison between the light sources of the past and modern ones, an exhibition on carpentry, an exhibition of traditional costumes, Glass blowing and more. The museum was first opened to the public in 1964 and is available to visitors from the end of March to the beginning of November, which is actually the “hot” tourist period in the Black Forest. Since its opening, this open air museum has attracted more than 13 million visitors.

Museum Frieder Burda (Museum Frieder Burda) – For those interested in art, this museum is undoubtedly a place not to be missed. It is located in the city of Baden-Baden and includes the collections of the well-known collector Frieder Borda. The museum building was designed and planned by the New York architect Richard Mayer, taking into account the natural light and utilizing it to the maximum. Richard Meier is also the man behind many well-known museum buildings, including the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt, the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. He treats the Frieder Borda Museum building as a large villa and as a kind of jewel located in a park, and as such he turns it, thanks to his design, into a building with a great presence. Along with the museum’s unique design, it also has a wide variety of masterpieces by classical modern artists, including eight works by Picasso, focusing on classical modernism. What is so fascinating about Burda’s impressive collection are the different emotions, which are expressed through the painting, as is often the case with the works displayed there. This is a very personal collection, bringing together prominent works from the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum is open throughout the week, except Mondays.

The German Clock Museum – If you collect or are interested in clocks, don’t miss the German Clock Museum in the Black Forest, a one-of-a-kind attraction. The museum is located in the heart of the region, where the watchmaking industry of the Black Forest is located, is more than 150 years old and is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world. The museum teaches a lot about the history, tradition and culture of the Black Forest, while referring to the subject of watches. It displays clocks collected over decades, some very old dating back to the 19th century and some contemporary. Highlights of the museum are a 1928 quartz clock and an 1845 clock built by Alexander Bain in London. The museum has over 8,000 different items that tell about the history and technology of the time. The museum is open daily and throughout the year.

Faberge Museum – This museum is dedicated to the Russian jeweler and artist Karl Faberge, who lived between 1848 and 1920. He is known to many of us thanks to the Faberge Eggs – stylish and luxurious jewelry in the shape of an egg, which he produced for the Russian royal family. He became famous all over the world for his magnificent works of art, his works for the Tsar’s family and his unique enamel technique. This is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to his works, and it includes a unique collection of over 700 works, from jewelry/Easter eggs for the Tsar family to ostentatious objects for everyday use. The magnificent collection of jewelry also includes the world’s largest collection of cigarette cases and in addition to it, a variety of amusing miniature animals made of silver and quartz and decorated with precious stones, such as diamonds and gems, are also on display. The Rothschild egg, which is worth about 12.5 million euros, is at the center of the exhibition and much more attention is directed to two other royal eggs from 1917.

Europa Park
Europe Park

Parks not to be missed

The Black Forest is a celebration of theme parks and water. During the spring and summer months, they are visited by crowds of visitors (among them quite a few families with children) who spend long days among the facilities and the activities they offer. These parks are suitable for a very wide range of ages and include fun activities for both young and old. It is highly recommended to take care to order entrance tickets in advance, especially if you plan to visit them between July and August, then the number of visitors to the parks is huge, compared to other months of the year.

Europe Park – is perhaps one of the best known attractions in the Black Forest and also one that attracts crowds at the height of the tourist season. Europa Park, which is loved by many families, is located in the western part of the Black Forest and is a large, lively and very diverse amusement park. The park is divided into several parts, where each part is represented by a different European country. In each such part there are buildings that characterize that country, there are familiar figures from that country and even restaurants that offer its traditional dishes. There are plenty of extreme facilities in the park, such as a roller coaster that races at a speed of 60 km/h in total darkness and a spaceship that sails at an enormous speed. A variety of shows are held there, such as the famous knight show, which tells the story of a kidnapped princess and a knight who goes out to find her and wants to save her, and of course the ice show and the spectacular light, fire and water show that will leave you speechless.The park is open all year round, except for Christmas and during the month of February.

Steinwasen Park – southeast of Freiburg is this lovely amusement park, 20 km from the city itself. It also includes a small zoo and attracts quite a few families with children. It has several enclosures for animals, The possibility to enjoy riding in a large open area, many activities and surprises. The Black Forest is the main theme of the park, and as such it is reflected in many of its elements, while taking advantage of the natural mountain landscape that serves as a setting for the place. The park also offers its visitors a museum that displays replicas, in the form of models, of The houses of the Black Forest and also a film that teaches about the formation of the surrounding mountains.The place is open to visitors from the middle of March until the beginning of November.

Rulantica WaterPark – it is considered a relatively new park (opened at the end of 2019), but has already managed to attract quite a bit of attention. It is adjacent to the famous Europa Park and includes an area of ​​32 dunams and many attractions that are all based on water. It has a huge wave pool, a mystery river to swim in and activities and facilities that are also suitable for the little ones in the group. Since it is an indoor park, it is suitable for visiting throughout the year, even on rainy and cold days. It is very worthwhile to dedicate a whole day to it due to the very large selection of attractions in it or to visit it in combination with a stop at the charming Europa Park.

The water park in Badeparadies Schwarzwald – the amusement parks in the Black Forest attract many visitors and offer extraordinary fun. This list also includes the water park in Adderdies, which is undoubtedly a must-see attraction. In a total area of ​​7 dunams you will find three spectacular complexes that offer a host of attractions and facilities: the tropical area – where 5 salt pools, a pool without salts, dozens of trees that surround the complex and give it the appearance of a real jungle, a drinks bar and more. This complex is for adults; Galaxy complex – this is the perfect place to spend time with the children. The complex is entirely dedicated to the young people in the group and has no less than 25 different attractions, including water slides, a wave pool and a host of surprises; The sauna complex – intended for adults only and fully nude and offers heated and unheated saunas and pools.

The bird park (Vogelpark Steinen) – it is located where the border of Germany meets with Switzerland and France and is decorated with wonderful views of the southern part of the Black Forest. The bird park is a wonderful attraction for all ages and is often visited by quite a few families with children (but not only). In the park you can meet up close different species of birds, which is a pavilion and also enjoy spectacular bird shows, in which eagles, falcons and ospreys participate, held daily in the morning and at noon. There is a huge 500 square meter birdhouse in the park that displays, among other things, bird eggs and chicken eggs. You can also see cute kangaroos that jump in it and put a smile on the visitors’ faces.

The Black Forest Nature Park (Naturpark Sudschwarzwald Ev) – ​​This special nature park was opened on February 1, 1999 and is a joint project of five districts, associations, businesses and private individuals. The park, which starts from Freiburg (Freiburg) in the west and reaches Donaueschingen (Donaueschingen) includes a huge area and is considered the largest nature park in Germany. Like national parks in the world, this nature park serves as a large-scale conservation area, the purpose of which is to protect the natural landscape, the local culture, the plants and the animals in order for them to continue to grow and live in natural conditions and in their environment without interfering with it and interfering with their conduct.

Park of all the senses (Park mit Allen Sinnen) – in the village of Gutach in the Black Forest you will find a charming park that will activate you, and as you can guess from its name, all your senses. In an area that is about 2 km long, you can walk, barefoot, on different types of surfaces – earth, grass, sand, puddles of water, and encounter here and there various attractions that activate the senses. The place is divided into 20 different areas and activation stations, which offer All of them are an unusual experience. For those who do not want to walk barefoot, a corresponding walking route is offered. The park is open to visitors between the months of April and October.