Black Forest

It is considered one of the most visited destinations in Germany and Europe as a whole. The Black Forest, which is located in the southern part of Germany, not far from the border with Switzerland and France, is a very popular destination and for good reason – it offers countless attractions, itineraries and special places to stop, the ones that attract travelers from all over the world and quite a few Israelis. Many families have discovered the Black Forest in recent years and are flocking to it in droves to spend quality time together.

The Black Forest is, in fact, a geographical area belonging to the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Its total length, from north to south, is 160 km, while its width: in its southern part – 60 km and in its northern part – 30 km. meters. The Black Forest is crossed by quite a few rivers, originating from the Danube River and the Woodpecker River. The trees in the Black Forest are used as a very important raw material for many industries, but the main income is from tourism. The southern part and center of the Black Forest is declared a national park with a total area of ​​3,700 square kilometers , making it one of the largest parks in Germany.

Freiburg, known as the “official gateway to the Black Forest” is a large and very friendly city, located in the western part of the forest. Many start their trip in the area of ​​the city itself and go out and return to rest or stay overnight (as part of a star trip). There are plenty of attractions in the Black Forest, as mentioned, suitable for all ages, an open museum, spectacular hiking trails, charming roads to travel on, combined with small and picturesque villages as well as wineries and a wonderful atmosphere, which contributes a lot to this.

Hotels in Black Forest

Being an area that attracts crowds, the Black Forest offers a wide variety of accommodation solutions of various sizes. There are expensive hotels in the Black Forest as well as those that are considered simple and cheap. It has B&Bs, guesthouses and farms where you can stay overnight. In order to find the right answer, it is very important to define the needs and accordingly go in search of the relevant accommodation solution for vacationers. Since this is a very popular and touristic place, it is strongly recommended to make sure to book accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to come there in the peak of the season – the summer months – June, July and August, when it is full of visitors.

Most of those who come to the Black Forest choose to spend the night in the southern part of the forest, not far from the town of Hintercharten and near Lake Titisee. The area north of Freiburg is also considered to be in high demand as a place to stay, especially for those who wish to stay in the city itself and its immediate surroundings. However, it is important to know that this area may be less relevant to all those who plan to combine a visit to most of the sites in the Black Forest, since they are also located on the edge of the forest and not only in the southern part. The towns of Titiza and Neustadt are loved by many families thanks to the convenient accommodation solutions, which meet a variety of needs (vacation apartments and hotels). In the village of Feldberg, south of Lake Titi, there are quite a few holiday apartments as well as charming B&Bs and in Freiburg you can find the largest range of accommodation solutions, suitable for both families with children and adults. There are other towns and villages where you can spend the night, when choosing them it is important to take into account their location in relation to all the attractions in the forest.

Recommended Hotels in Black Forest

A luxurious, modern and well-designed apartment hotel with apartments of various sizes, in a particularly convenient location near the highway
Pampering at an international level!
A luxurious apartment hotel in the center of Freiburg, near the Black Forest. In the hotel there is a lounge, parking and an Italian restaurant
Pampering at an international level!
A boutique apartment hotel not far from the center of Freiburg in the Black Forest area. The apartments are luxurious, well designed and equipped
Very indulgent

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Restaurants in the Black Forest

You don’t come to the Black Forest because of the food or because of the restaurants there, but the solutions offered there, as far as food is concerned, are definitely good. Simple as well as expensive restaurants, cafes and fast street food are what you find in the Black Forest, while some of the accommodations also provide the culinary answer if you are staying there for a short or long stay. For those who choose to spend the night in vacation apartments or on a farm, you should make sure to purchase food products in advance at one of the stores, and prepare the meals independently. The apartments are equipped and comfortable. Picnics in nature are a must and it is very good to stock up every time you go out with fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and also good sausages that together will make a delicious meal.

Attractions in the Black Forest

There are plenty of attractions in the Black Forest, and this is also the reason why it attracts crowds especially at the peak of the season (in the summer months). Even during the transition seasons it is a center of attraction and sometimes also in winter, when you enjoy its magical winter atmosphere. Some of the attractions are fully adapted for children of all ages (and even for the little ones) and some are also suitable for the older members of the group.

Tip – The Black Forest card is absolutely mandatory for all those who plan to spend several days in the area and is a great way to save and significantly reduce financial expenses. This is a group of several types of tickets, which are considered common and in great demand among the tourists who come to the Black Forest. The main types in the list are:

  • The Black Forest Card (Schwarzwald Card) – can be purchased from Israel and is suitable for use for three days (not necessarily consecutive). The card gives a discount to 160 different attractions and sites in the Black Forest and is not applicable to places to stay.
  • The Black Forest Card: The red card (Hoch Schwarzwald Card) – grants benefits that are only relevant to the southern region of the Black Forest, the Highlands region. The card can only be received if you spend at least two nights in one of the accommodations, which have a special arrangement that allows its receipt.
  • Konus Card – this card is accepted in most places to stay in the Black Forest, with the exception of youth hostels. He gives free trips on the bus as well as on most of the trains passing through the Black Forest. In addition, the card also gives small discounts at the various attractions.
  • The Black Forest Card Plus (Schwarzwald Card Plus) – this card is relevant to the central-north region of the Black Forest only and, like the red card, it is accepted only in places where a special arrangement allows its acceptance. Black card holders can enter 80 different attractions throughout the Black Forest for free.

Here is a short overview of attractions in the Black Forest that are worth visiting:

South of the Black Forest – this part of the Black Forest is one of the most visited and loved areas, especially by many Israelis. Its charming views, the comfort it offers and of course the abundance of attractions there make it a very sought-after area of ​​the Black Forest. Among the well-known attractions in the southern part, you can find the Titisee lake, the BadParadies water park, the Schluchsee artificial lake, the Aqua Fun water park, the picturesque town of Todtmoos. , the famous bird park (VogelPark), the highest Feldberg mountain in the Black Forest, the Todtnau mountain slides, the Schwarzwald ModellBahn train museum, the beautiful Menzenschwand nature reserve and other sites.

The center of the Black Forest – in this part of the Black Forest there are also quite a few sites that warrant a stop. Such as: the famous town of Triberg and its nearby waterfalls, such as the famous watch museum and the rope park of Triberg, such as the pampering baths in Solemar, such as the watch museum in Furtwagen, such as the village of Gutach and its special open-air museum, such as slides The mountains in the area and the glass museum in Wolfach, such as the Kenzingen Rope Park and other equally special sites.

North of the Black Forest – nature and green lovers will find exactly what they like in the northern part of the Black Forest. In the list of prominent attractions of the northern Black Forest, you can find: the city of Karlsruhe, the Mummelsee lake, Baden Baden, the fun park in Mehliskopf, the town of Gengenbach and the town of Opnau ( Oppenau) from which many hiking trails and bike trails start, the bear and wolf park, the zoological garden in Karlsruhe, the automobile museum in Marxzell and other sites.

West of the Black Forest – many choose to spend a few days in this part of the Black Forest due to its attractions. The city of Frieburg, the main gateway to the Black Forest, is also known as its capital and as such offers a wide selection of options. Other sites and places in the west of the Black Forest that also warrant a visit: Strasbourg (Strassburg) – the capital of the Alsace region belonging to France, the Vita Classic bath park, the spa in Baden-Willer – Cassiopeia Therme, the beautiful town of Staufen, the Schauinsland cable car ), the well-known Europa Park – a large amusement park and more.

The Alsace region – it is indeed a very small region belonging to France, but due to its close proximity to the Black Forest, quite a few travelers choose to include it as part of their trip to the region. In the list of interesting attractions in Alsace, you can find: Strassburg, Riquewihr, a beautiful old city, Kaysersberg, the well-known Colmar, and more.

The border with Switzerland – this part of the Black Forest, next to the border with Switzerland, is known as one of its most beautiful. It is located in the southeastern part of the Black Forest and you can find a lot of attractions and charming points to stop at. In the list of recommended stopping points, you can find: Lake Constance, the Spieleland amusement park, the spectacular Rhine Falls, known as the largest of their kind in Europe (flat waterfalls), Basel with its interesting architecture, the The Laguna Water Park and the Bird and Monkey Park – VogelPark.

Car rental in the Black Forest

Renting a car in the Black Forest allows for a particularly enjoyable independent trip and an opportunity to get to know the entire area in depth. Those who choose to rent a car can also combine a visit to the countries bordering the Black Forest (France and Switzerland) and thus enjoy a more comprehensive trip, which includes a very wide range of options. The rental car can be picked up in the Black Forest or after landing at the nearest airport in Basel, which is served by quite a few direct flights. Traveling in a rented car around the Black Forest is very convenient and maps, which you get at various information points there, certainly help with navigation (along with relevant apps, of course). For those planning to go to the Black Forest during the summer months, you should make sure to book a rental car in advance a few months before the travel date due to the high demand.

Flights to the Black Forest

There are several airports that you should fly to if you want to spend a few days (or more) in the Black Forest. The closest airport to the Black Forest is the one in Basel, Switzerland, to which many scheduled flights depart. Another airport, which is also considered close, is the airport of Zurich. You can take a direct El Al flight to it and from there take a car ride to the Black Forest. Other airports, relevant to those planning a vacation in the Black Forest, are the Munich airport, the Geneva airport and the Frankfurt airport. All of them are within a two and a half to four hour drive to the Black Forest. Some of the flights are regular flights and some are low-cost flights. Here, too, it is highly recommended to book a flight ticket in advance, especially if you plan to arrive during the summer months, at the peak of the Black Forest’s tourism season.

When should you fly to the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is suitable for visiting mainly during the transition seasons (spring and autumn), since relatively fewer tourists come then, and during the summer, due to its excellent weather. At the same time, the summer season is known as the peak of the tourism season in the Black Forest and the surrounding area, which requires travelers to prepare in advance as well as book flights, places to stay and even various attractions. The summer months allow, due to their favorable weather conditions, maximum utilization of the multitude of sites and beautiful spots in the Black Forest, including going to the hiking trails and visiting its wonderful parks.

For those who choose to fly to the Black Forest, you should take into account special events, which are recommended to include during the visit:

Every year in July, between the 13th and the 15th, there is a charming festival called the Maximilian Ritterspiele. The festival was held in the northeastern part of the Black Forest and is, without a doubt, one of the special festivals of the region. It takes its guests to a distant and ancient period of knightly battles, competitions and more and includes magic shows, juggling, folklore shows, music and good food.

In August, one of the most important festivals in the region was held in the Black Forest. The Seenachtsfest festival in the city of Schlöchzi is a charming festival for the whole family with music shows, street dances, activities for children, food stalls, colorful parades and other surprises. This month, the Rothenburg Wine Festival is also held in the southern part of the Black Forest, in Rothenburg, during which visitors are served different types of wines, along with local foods. A colorful and beautiful procession of flowers is also held during August in Alsace, in the town of Selestat. The streets of the town are decorated with many flowers and there are parades and street performances, including music, dances and fireworks.

Every year around Christmas, Christmas markets are held in the towns and villages of the Black Forest, attracting many visitors. They offer a colorful and magical atmosphere, food stalls with traditional local food, such as candied apples, wine and hot cider as well as stalls selling gifts and souvenirs. One of the well-known markets is that of Freiburg, which is visited by crowds.

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The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and the road to it is also worth a stop, and even more than one