Flights to Berlin

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Berlin is one of the most visited cities in Europe and among the most visited in the world. There is something special about it, which is what attracts many of all ages to it and that is also the reason why it is very simple and easy to find, and throughout the year, plenty of flights to Berlin. These flights bring with them multitudes of Israelis, young people after the army, students on vacation, loving couples as well as families with children and adults, who wish to visit its sites, experience the atmosphere it offers and enjoy a vacation in the city for a few days and perhaps also combine a stop at other, nearby destinations.

It is very easy to find flights to Berlin thanks to the high supply. It doesn’t matter what season of the year it is, the flights to it depart with high frequency and are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a charming city. It is very important, and before booking, to compare prices and check the different flight costs. Today there are quite a few apps and excellent websites that do this automatically for those interested and display all the relevant flights, referring to the convenient dates (day and time) and, of course, the destination.

The costs of the flight to Berlin are determined according to the time of year in which you go there, according to the airline operating the flight, according to the nature of the flight (direct flight or one with an intermediate stop) and according to additional parameters, which are not necessarily always known to the passengers. In general, flights to Berlin, compared to other destinations in the world, are not considered very expensive and the price range is wide and varies between 130 and 500 American dollars on average. The earlier you book the flight, the lower its cost. Since it is very touristic and suitable for visiting in any season, the prices of flight tickets to Berlin are not affected so much by the season of the year in which you fly. That is, the price of flights to Berlin in the cold and snowy winter months may be the same as the price of flights in the summer.
When should you fly?
Berlin, as mentioned, is a very popular and touristic city. Crowds of Israelis come to Berlin every season of the year if only thanks to the abundance of options available to them and of course the various attractions in the city. In general, there is no “peak season” for Berlin and tourists from all over the world can see it throughout the year. Likewise, the number of flights is the same in winter or summer, and even during the transition seasons, and is known to be relatively high, compared to the number of flights departing from Israel to other cities. In the summer months, and this is a huge advantage for those who love, the weather in the city is great. Very comfortable weather throughout the hours of the day, with a warm sun in the sky, is what characterizes Berlin in the summer months, while in winter it is very cold in the city and even snowy at times.

As a city that is very accustomed to extreme weather conditions in the winter, Berlin offers quite a few employment solutions even in the very cold months, so even if you choose to come there in the winter you can enjoy it quite a bit and use this period for an unusual pastime in the charming city. Berlin has plenty of museums where you can hide if it’s rainy, snowy and very cold outside, as well as pampering cafes with a homely and warm atmosphere and other places of entertainment that are suitable for the cold season. Close to Christmas, colorful markets are held throughout the city, which decorate it with unusual beauty and are also a center of attraction for many visitors, who choose to board flights to Berlin and take part in the great celebration.
How do you fly (direct / connection)?
Today, you can find a very wide variety of direct flights to Berlin, as well as flights with intermediate stops (connection). Direct flights to Berlin are relatively short flights – 4.5 hours on average, while flights with layovers will be longer (depending on the destination where you stop and how long the layover is). Direct flights will often be more expensive than those with layovers, and there are of course also low cost flights, which are known to be particularly discounted. Some of them reach Berlin directly and some require connecting flights after stopping at some destination on the way (either in Germany itself or in other cities, in its neighboring countries).
The flights to Berlin are operated by many airlines. There are flights from Israel to Berlin by various international airlines, such as the Israeli El Al, Israir and Arkia, as well as other companies, such as the German Lufthansa, Ryanair, easyJet, Air France, KLM, Turkish Airlines and many more.
Berlin Airports
There are currently two airports in Berlin, which successfully serve the masses of passengers who stop there for a short or long vacation or those who continue from there to other destinations near or far. Schoenefeld Airport is the largest, the most famous and the most active of the two and most of the direct flights from Israel land there (those of El Al, Israir and EasyJet). This airport replaced the old Tegel Airport and today it is considered one of the most prominent airports in Europe. It is located about 20 minutes from the city and can be reached from it (and to it) by means of regular and convenient transportation, which connects it with Berlin itself (buses, taxis, train and of course also a rental car).

Tegel Airport, the old one, is used as a secondary airport in Berlin today and in the past was the main and prominent airport in the region. It is 8 km from Berlin and convenient transportation solutions (car, metro, taxis and rental car) are offered to those arriving from the city or who wish to go from there to the city.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is a new airport whose construction has been completed and soon (estimated to be around October 2020) it will replace the two Berlin airports (mentioned above) and begin operations.