Berlin with children

A vacation in Berlin has long been more than just a dream – with fun attractions for young and old, excellent restaurants, great hotels and a short flight, this is the ultimate destination for a full vacation and the affordable prices only seal the deal and make it one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Europe, and one that simply must not be missed.

If you are planning a trip to Berlin with children, let us at Simply Germany help you – how to fly in a family group, places to stay in a good location and in a wide price range, and which attractions should not be missed? All this and more ahead of you. Fun vacation!

Berlin with children

Accommodation in Berlin with the children – it is important to book in advance

In the area of ​​accommodation, Berlin is a real gem and allows its visitors, including families with children, to spend the night in almost any budget – it all depends on the type of vacation you prefer (and how close you want to be, physically, to each other). For example, you can find hostels that offer family rooms and stay at a significantly cheaper budget, or luxury hotels of 4 and 5 stars where you will enjoy separate rooms and other treats.

In addition, the issue of location also greatly affects the price and if you ask us, we at Simply Germany believe that if there is limited time to visit a place, it is better to spend the night in the city center in order to make the most of the stay. Alternatively – you can stay in a more distant place but close to public transportation… in the end the payment for the trips will be offset by the addition to the price for a hotel in a central location, so it doesn’t really matter.

It is important to say that because Berlin is a very (very) touristic city, and it does not have one essential “center” but several interesting central parts, you should close the hotel first depending on where you want to be. The better hotels probably fill up faster, so it’s worth finding the right place for you, book a room and come back here to continue reading about Berlin.

Recommended hotels in Berlin for the whole family (for your convenience, arranged from cheap to expensive)

B&B Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz – a simple “bed and breakfast” style hotel located right next to the main square of the city, Alexanderplatz, and at a distance that is less than a two-minute walk from the main train station. Near the hotel are the most popular tourist centers and the rooms themselves are simple but modern and have everything you need to have a pleasant vacation (and of course, air conditioning and internet).

Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm – this hotel is not located in the city center, but it is close to public transportation and also includes modern facilities that completely compensate for the distance – a gym, sauna, games for the little ones and a late breakfast that is also suitable for teenage children who have trouble getting up early in the morning.

Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof – an excellent hotel located in the heart of the city and a short walk from favorite attractions that are on the “must do” list, shopping centers, restaurants and more. In addition, the hotel guests will enjoy a pampering spa complex, a heated swimming pool where you can spend a relaxing day, spacious rooms and an excellent breakfast.

Flight to Berlin in a family group

Flying in general can be a not cheap business and when it comes to a family vacation all the more so, it is therefore nice to choose destinations to which the flight to in the first place is not expensive (relatively speaking) and Berlin undoubtedly meets the definition. Even if we choose the most expensive option, which is a direct flight, for example, the prices are not too high, and if we use some “tricks” that are known to every flight enthusiast – then these are affordable prices.

For example – a flight outside the peak of the tourist season (the summer months) will be cheaper, a flight in the middle of the week compared to the weekend as well, reserve the flight tickets as far in advance as possible, follow the publications and promotions of the various airlines and of course… – the option that is usually It is the cheapest: a low-cost flight, especially one that includes a layover (although this option is not always convenient when traveling with children and when you add a suitcase, the business becomes more expensive).

Estimated price range: $400-2,500 for a family of eight, where $400 is the price of a low-cost flight in the off-season and $2,500 is a direct, regular flight in the summer months.

Recommended activities and attractions in Berlin – the top 5

Berlin is known as one of the most vibrant and colorful cities and is a perfect destination for a vacation in any vehicle, among other things thanks to the many attractions it offers, many of which are suitable for young and old – making it a dream destination for families, including those with small children. Among the most popular Etruscans you will find museums, parks, historical sites and more.

A tip from us: if you are coming to the city for more than two days and want to save on costs and also to ease the decision of where to spend your time, purchase for each of the vacation participants a ticket for the tourist bus that allows you to get off and on at regulated stops – this way you can easily and comfortably reach the famous sites of the city and hear an explanation about them. The cost is less than 20 euros per person (and half of that for small children) so this is a significant saving if you originally intended to use public transportation.

The Lego Museum of Berlin

One of the most favorite attractions for families visiting the city. The museum displays famous buildings made of Lego, fun amusement facilities and a fascinating tour of the factory itself.

Berlin Zoo

A zoo is always a fun attraction and in this case it is one of the largest and best known zoos with over 1500 different species of animals including endangered ones like panda bears.

The dungeon of Berlin

A kind of fascinating and somewhat humorous horror museum that evokes the torture and horror scene of old Berlin. Famous scenes, scary music and facilities that will give you chills. In our eyes – a paradise for teenagers. Please note that this place is less recommended for visitors with small children.

TV Tower and Little Big City Berlin

The TV tower is one of the iconic symbols of the city and visiting it is a must. What is less known is the site near the tower, where you can learn in a fascinating way about the hysteria and culture of Berlin – great and magical, especially with children.

The German Espionage Museum

Here you will meet the world of espionage through various activities and interactive exhibits such as an exciting laser maze, action films and more. This is an activity that is both fun and educational, but it is aimed at slightly older children (or at least adults).


In conclusion, a family vacation in Berlin is an unforgettable experience and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to make it happen. Planning ahead is the name of the game and with a few simple tricks you can enjoy all the best this great city has to offer its visitors.

So what have we had so far?
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Our goal is to provide reliable, up-to-date, relevant and quality information that will help anyone planning a vacation in Germany to get to exactly these places, easily and simply. We do it also because we love Germany, but mostly because we really like to help.

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