Berlin in winter

If you ask us, Berlin is one of the most misleading destinations – those who have just landed there can easily be confused by all this gray in their eyes and think that this is a closed European place (after all, Berlin in winter is cold and gray), but in fact the opposite is true – Berlin is one of the most colorful European capitals And the most vibrant, if not from the outside (although definitely there too) then from the inside.

This is a perfect destination for an urban vacation in any vehicle – a particularly romantic couple’s vacation, a family vacation with small children, you name it and Berlin will deliver the goods. It is a city that lives 24/7, with an abundance of cultural events, historical sites, shopping centers, pubs and restaurants that will make any vacation unforgettable.

In addition to these, unlike other cities that become sleepy and lazy in the winter – as the temperatures drop, Berlin flourishes! Festivals and events, museums and shows, winter tours and more and more are just waiting for the rain to turn the atmosphere into something unforgettable.

So how do you do it? All the details are in front of you!

ברלין בחורף

Winter flights to Berlin at ridiculous prices

Flights can be a not cheap business and although in general Berlin is considered an attractive destination from this point of view due to its proximity to Israel and many low cost companies that operate routes to it, the flights to the capital city of Germany in the winter can be a real bargain.

As we know, every tourist destination has a strong season and a weaker season – according to Rav, the strong season will be during the summer months, which are the peak of the tourism season (because it’s hot and happy and short clothes, etc.), so the prices of flights and accommodation are sky high and accordingly, the winter months which are the -Off Season when the prices are low, various promotions pop up and the tourist load is much less noticeable.

And now, take the two parameters together – Berlin which is initially less expensive plus the timing of the vacation for the winter months and you will get really funny prices. Want to laugh even more? Reserve the flight tickets in advance, purchase tickets that include a layover and follow the promotions of the various airlines – you can find flight tickets even at ridiculous prices of a few tens of euros each way.

The weather in Berlin – what to expect and what to pack?

The weather in Berlin in the months of December to February averages 2 degrees Celsius during the day (we were not mistaken, two degrees above zero, yes yes) and minus three (minus. three) at night. Sound frozen? Yes indeed. During this period January is the coldest and if that’s not enough for about half the time the low temperatures are accompanied by rains, making the situation feel much, much colder.

Before we continue a few words of comfort – yes, it’s cold. It’s not always fun, but it’s mostly very, very romantic. There’s nothing like a sweet (and white?) Christmas atmosphere to make the human heart happy and the songs that play in every store, the Christmas markets and the sales (oh, the sales! We’ll talk about them later…) make the experience that much warmer. not like this?

So what do we pack? Everything that’s hot, isn’t it clear? Oh, and rain stuff too. and spirit So basically like this – thermal clothing (shirt and pants to be under the “real” clothes), really warm socks, high-quality gloves, a scarf (sorry, to be precise – neck-warmer), ear warmers, warm pants, a fleece jacket (or sweater .or sweater + brass jacket) and of course a coat. and an umbrella. and heating bags, or a small bottle of whiskey. Thanks.

Recommended attractions in Berlin (or: where to hide from the cold)

This is the real kicker – Berlin is great all year round, but it seems as if it was designed by an artist who intended it for winter, so that even its visitors in the “non-touristy” season enjoy quite a few attractions and activities that fill a week or more with fun.

Museums in Berlin

Berlin has a few museums, of every type and species you can think of (and a sex museum, of course) and this genre of attraction in itself can close the corner of activities for your winter vacation in the city. If you visit Berlin in the height of winter, you can even enjoy what is loosely called “the long night of the museums”, so dozens of museums and galleries are open almost for free – you need to buy one ticket and that way you can enter all the others. The ticket also includes entry to tours, movies, shows and various cultural events. Stunning!


One of the most wonderful attractions in the city which is a great experience even in a family group. On the site you will be impressed by huge Lego models of famous sites, exciting facilities and a tour of the factory itself.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

A fascinating museum that offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. The museum is located in what used to be a train station, which today forms the unique setting of the place, where spectacular works and original performances are displayed, which together create a wonderful and mysterious experience that should not be missed.

Museum of the Future

It is indeed considered one of the newest museums in the city, but since its establishment and despite the corona virus, it has become one of the most talked about places, where you can tour a futuristic reality alongside robots who are your friends. In addition, there are going out workshops and fun activities for the whole family.

Festivals and events in Berlin

Berlin is full of festivals and events, such as the “Long Night of the Museums” we mentioned earlier. In addition to this long night, you can find in the lively city several other events and traditions that will make your winter stay super fun.

Christmas markets

This is a long-standing tradition according to which in the period leading up to Christmas markets and stalls pop up that fill the city with sweet smells, happy songs and of course lots and lots of sweet wine and hot pastries. This is a great time to purchase trite souvenirs and be happy, even at heart.

Ice Skating

The so-called “if you can’t beat it (winter), join it”. The most recommended place for this activity is Potsdam Square where there is a huge skating rink next to a traditional Christmas market.


A film festival that has been held in Berlin for over 60 years and is considered one of the most famous in its field in Europe. At the festival you can watch new films (foreign, of course), meet actors (also new, at least some of them) and above all have fun.

Shopping in Berlin

Some will say that a vacation in Europe is not complete without shopping and whether we agree with them or not, there are not many other things that can be done in the winter, so why not, actually? Happily, Berlin abounds in boutique stores, international stores and crowded shopping centers, and together with the fact that winter is the opportunity to enjoy attractive prices, you must not miss it.

Among the most recommended places in this regard, you will find the famous Ka De We, a huge shopping complex that spans 6 floors where you will find anything (under warranty) – leading brands, a hysterical food court (on the top floor) and much more and the new mall Mall of Berlin It has a great abundance of fashion stores, especially those that can also be found in Israel but at much more reasonable prices.

Tours in Berlin

Another option is to join one of the guided tours in the city. It is true that some of them are not active in the winter months and among those that are, not all of them are attractive, but a tour of Berlin’s secret tunnels is completely different from anything you described and it is precisely the wintery, dark and mysterious atmosphere that surrounds the city (especially on particularly gloomy days) that makes it magical.

This tour goes through secret tunnels that were dug under the Berlin Wall and were used by infiltrators from the Soviet side to the side of the Allies and as a route for the transfer of supplies, weapons and more. This is an exciting and fascinating experience that will allow you to get to know history as you have never encountered it before, including creepy stories that may make you lose sleep.

In conclusion – if you define yourself as “winter people” or if you are among those who hate to get out of the cozy blanket on overcast days – Berlin is the destination for you and if you don’t want to, you won’t freeze for a moment. It has so many indoor and heated attractions that will most likely make you say a silent rain prayer on your own initiative. And he will come, trust us. Take an umbrella.

So what have we had so far?
Simply Germany
Simply Germany

Our goal is to provide reliable, up-to-date, relevant and quality information that will help anyone planning a vacation in Germany to get to exactly these places, easily and simply. We do it also because we love Germany, but mostly because we really like to help.

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