Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

A vacation in Germany (and anywhere in the world) starts at the airport. This is the main entrance gate to the city and/or country and your first step there. Berlin is of course no different and Berlin Brandenburg Airport is its main gateway.

Whether you are history buffs who want to visit some of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe, architecture buffs who want to be impressed by magnificent buildings, revelers who are interested in meeting what is considered one of the most vibrant and colorful nightlife scenes, or a family with small children who want to have great activities for everyone young In his soul – in Berlin you will find everything from everything and in abundance.

The capital city of Germany is visited by tens of millions of tourists every year who come to it from all over the world, and a significant number of them land at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which was inaugurated for the first time at the end of 2020 to one of a series of embarrassing failures that will probably turn it into a rather bleak historical landmark for the German people who Considered particularly punctual.

What do you say, one day they will look back and laugh? We’ll see.

נמל התעופה הבינלאומי ברלין ברנדנבורגTerminal 1 of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Photo: Arne Müseler /

A bit about Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is named after Willy Brandt (former Chancellor of Germany) and it replaces the three other airports that operated in the city and its immediate surroundings (Tegel, Templehof and Schnefeld) due to the increase in incoming and outgoing tourism, to such an extent that they operated beyond their recommended capacity, which led for a lot of load and various difficulties that accompany it.

According to the plan, the airport was supposed to open its doors as early as 2012 – no less than nine years before the actual opening date – but a series of various and odd glitches led to its opening being postponed time after time (time after time). Among the various reasons that led to such a significant delay, you will find, for example, fire safety problems (among us, without a doubt, a justified reason not to endanger the traveling public, terminal workers and all those passing by), automatic doors that do not work, planning a building that is too small and also (note…) Escalators that turned out to be too short. The series of strange mishaps meant that the government aid in establishing the field amounted to over 300 million dollars, in addition to the billions of euros that were invested in it from the beginning.

Finally, the airport opened its doors in October 2020, at the height of the corona epidemic, and within about a month the airlines gradually moved to it, but because the corona that hit the world also hit Germany hard, it will be about four years from its opening until it repays its debts and becomes profitable.

Hotels near Brandenburg Airport

Steigenberger Airport Hotel Berlin – This is the closest hotel to the airport and offers modern accommodation units with air conditioning, cable TV, a coffee corner, a work area and a private bathroom. In addition, hotel guests will enjoy a continental breakfast served daily, a spa center with a hot sauna, a well-equipped gym and free Wi-Fi.

Holiday Inn Berlin Airport – Conference Center, an IHG Hotel – a hotel that belongs to the global hotel chain “Holiday Inn” and as such it offers accommodation at high standards and meticulous service including 24/7 shuttles to the airport. The rooms are all new and modern and hotel guests will also enjoy a pampering spa center, restaurant, cocktail bar and gym.

orientation and facilities

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is expected to become the busiest airport in Germany and one of the busiest airports in Europe. As such, it is built in such a way that the passengers passing through it can spend their time comfortably and efficiently, whether it is only a short stay or waiting for a connecting flight or a longer connection.

The Netivot House itself has a total of seven floors, including floors that belong to the operation and ongoing maintenance of the airport, various offices and the train station that connects the airport with major destinations, an incoming passenger floor that is connected to the main road leading to the airport from the city, a floor of waiting halls for flights, a balcony and a floor in it There are the various lounges.

If you combine pleasure with business and plan to visit the city as part of a business trip, business conference or relocation, you will be happy to hear that the airport has no less than three business areas.

In addition to these, you will find at the airport everything you need to spend your time in an efficient and pleasant way – toilets (super clean, because after all – Germany), a food court with a diverse selection of places to dine or enjoy a chilled beer or a glass of fine wine and of course a duty free area It has well-known shops belonging to international companies, as can be found in any self-respecting airport.

You will also find money exchange counters and positions throughout the field (remember that the rate offered in the field is not attractive compared to money exchange stands in the city itself, so it is recommended to exchange only an initial amount that will be used for the first day of your trip), information stations and more.

Transportation from the airport to the city center

There are several convenient ways to get from the airport to Berlin city center and vice versa, with everything ultimately being a function of the time you are willing to spend on the road and the budget you have available.

Train – this is the most recommended way because it is not at the mercy of the road during rush hours and is also easy on the pocket, especially if you are traveling in a group of more than a couple of passengers.

The trains that connect the airport with the city center are the high-speed trains (IC/ICE) and the suburban trains (S-Bahn) and in the future the subway (U7) will also join the celebration. You can easily reach the train platforms (six in total) using the convenient signage that will direct you to them and the journey time to the city’s central train station is about half an hour.

Taxi – this is the most expensive option, but if you are coming to the city with small children, in a group consisting of 4 people or you simply got caught in cold and stormy weather – this may be an affordable option or at least the most convenient way. The most important thing is that you make sure to board only authorized taxis and if there is no fixed price that is recommended by ushers on behalf of the field, ask to activate a meter and receive a receipt.

Car rental – this is also a good option for those traveling in the city in a family group and those who want to enjoy visiting nearby destinations (note that parking in the city itself may be problematic in some areas). The main road that connects the field to the city is the A113 road and there are other roads such as the B96a road and the ring roads A10 and A1000 through which you can reach other destinations.

So what have we had so far?
Simply Germany
Simply Germany

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