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Germany is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world, and one of the leading tourist destinations where every traveler can find their favorite corner. It has everything – big and fascinating cities, rich history, nightlife, culture, architecture, small and picturesque towns, castles and cathedrals, clear lakes, breathtaking landscapes, tangled and evergreen forests, beautiful roads, world heritage sites and of course good food and excellent local beer .

A trip to Germany will not be boring for a single moment. Germany offers its visitors vacations of all kinds where you can combine a real urban experience with magical nature, wild parties and high-quality backcountry, mountains and valleys and a host of other experiences. It is not for nothing that Germany is considered a strong and rich country and one of the most stable economies in the world. The story of Germany, for better or for worse, will take you on a wonderful journey through its fascinating historical stories and will always leave you wanting more. Come to Germany!

“Poor but sexy” – says the famous motto of the city, and he is not wrong. Berlin is really not poor in the third world sense, but more in terms of cheap prices. Although it is one of the largest and most important metropolises of Europe, Berlin allows you to travel cheaply and enjoy it just as much as a trip on a high budget. Beyond the budget, every word we add to what this cosmopolitan city has to offer will only detract from it – from a fascinating history, through art on every street corner, colorful markets, culture and entertainment around the clock and a developed public transportation system that is an attraction in itself. In short, come to Berlin. We have not yet heard of anyone who was and was disappointed.

Sites near itMunich (Munich) – the city that is “realistic” Germany – is the gateway to the southern part of Germany, and crowds of visitors come every year to visit nearby sites immersed in wild and wonderful nature, and of course to get a real German urban experience that is found in every corner of the city. . Every year, the world-famous beer festival takes place there, and the city’s football team is one of the most prestigious football teams in Europe and the world. And if all this is not enough for you to buy a plane ticket, let’s also consider that the population of the city is considered especially kind and pleasant. Are you convinced?


A variety of breath-taking exercises.
Located near the Rhine River
Cologne (Cologne) is an evening of many eras and in it you will find a mixture of ancient buildings alongside modern and unspoiled buildings, magical cathedrals, museums, vibrant night life, excellent restaurants and many other breathtaking attractions. The population of the city is also Arab, and not a few foreigners live there, which makes Cologne culturally rich and adds to its natural charm. Its location near the Rhine River and the border triangle between Germany-Belgium-Holland enhances its status as a large and important tourist city and metropolis, there is not much to see and do there.

Through the wild nature
Potsdam (Potsdam) is a suburb of Berlin, but it is definitely a city that stands on its own and you can enjoy a pleasant and experiential visit. This is a classic city of immigrants, with foreign residents flocking to it since the 17th century, which promises a mix of cultures that is manifested in many places in the city – from the many restaurants in it, through the wild nature to historical sites full of power. It is worth dedicating several days to the city and not just jumping to it from nearby Mbarlin. Enjoyment guaranteed.

Plenty of itineraries
One of the most popular destinations in Europe, on the border triangle of Germany-Switzerland-France, a classic family trip with plenty of itineraries in legendary locations. The small picturesque villages, the open-air museum, etc., and a host of tourist experiences, make the area one where there is always something to do. If you get tired of the village, you can always jump to Freiburg, the big city that is the gateway to the Black Forest, where you can enjoy an urban vacation according to the book.Plenty of itineraries

The city of Shachal as a small fishing village, recently entered the list of the most popular cities in Germany. After being almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, Dusseldorf was rebuilt and therefore it is full of modern architecture in every corner and combinations of old and new. The city, which in the past was mainly identified with heavy industry, today offers much more than that and a visit to it will expose you to classical German culture and the city which is a symbol of German success. Beir Haya also has a particularly large Jewish community, the third largest in the country.

The city where the Mercedes luxury car is manufactured must maintain a certain style, and it does maintain it. Stuttgart is a real city and is surrounded by thick forests and green hills, which adds a rustic touch and decorates it from all sides. Even in Stuttgart you will find many immigrants from all over the world and as a result you will be able to get to know different cultures, in their incarnations. If you’re already in town, don’t settle for a day tour. Take a few days to get to know one of the most important economic and media centers of Germany. It will be interesting, that’s for sure.

Another one of the cities of which almost nothing remained after the Second World War, and like other cities, Dresden, with typical German efficiency, rebuilt itself in an awe-inspiring way. While preserving and reconstructing large parts of the city, along with renewed and modern construction, Dresden managed to become a center of attraction for many tourists who come to witness the wonder of a city that rose from the ruins and manages to reinvent itself and remain relevant. Dresden today is an attractive and attractive city for tourists of all types – independent, alone, couples or families.

Dortmund is a large and very important city in Germany, with a developed high-tech industry, university and scientific centers, an important tourist and economic center and a great football team that watching a game in its stadium is an experience that you don’t have to like football to enjoy. The streets of Dortmund and the buildings in them tell a historical story of thousands of years, and each of them shines a spotlight on a different historical period. A holiday in Dortmund is undoubtedly a wise investment that provides adequate value for your money.

One of the cities experiencing a resurgence in modern times, and especially in the last decades, is Leipzig. Beyond its famous and well-respected university, and being the home of famous classical musicians such as Wagner and Schumann, the renaissance that Leipzig has gone through places it high on the list of travelers’ favorite destinations, among other things thanks to the impressive architecture and thanks to the young atmosphere that the city has, mainly because of the students who fill it. Worth a visit.


Most of us know the city of Nuremberg because of the historical story that called it the role of the place where the Nazi war criminals would come to account with the law, but the truth is that Nuremberg is much, much more than that. The old city, which was restored with great success after the war, is an impressive place in its beauty, and the city is scattered with many other buildings that give it the classic look of a real European city. Along with characteristics of a modern city, such as centers of culture, entertainment and commerce, Nuremberg stands in an excellent place on the tourism map and is considered a particularly inviting city.

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